Lummox – Artwiculate round up from 7 April 2010

Lummox(Tweeting as @TSupercargo)

Good evening all! Here is @TheSupercargo’s RT round-up which he’s too lummoxed to deliver himself.

Today’s WOTD once again produced a good crop of tweets that were anything but lumbering or clumsy.

It seems learned lexicographers don’t known where Lummox comes from, but several Artwiculati saw a connection between Lumbering & Ox.

RT @Anamuk Possible etymology of lummox :- Lumbering Ox. Just saying

Other tweeters then reached further and gave us Lumm Oxes in China Shops-es. And after inflicting that one on you …

RT @navinsasikumar Why was the dairy boy a lummox? He was always butterfingered.

RT @kado56 “Oaf or the simple life?” – puzzled the lummox

RT @smeedha Today’s special at the lummox cafe – Bumpkin Soup

RT @baccatum I longed for her, but the lummox she was dating had her under his thumb. And he was all thumbs!

RT @DaveCurry Ephemeral lummox? One hit blunder. #artwiculate

As a segue from yesterday’s WOTD to today’s, I really liked this:

RT @0355user Ah, can I exchange my panoply for a lummox, please?

And my favourite alliterative play today was:

RT @Tralala56 It’s easy to flout a lout, but it’s easier still to flummox a lummox #railleryrules

For anyone who has ever struggled with Microsoft products, the next definition will have rung bells.

RT @marcosarroyos Lummox, isn’t it that the open source operating system software? No, that’s Linux. You’re thinking about Windows Vista.

And the next couple spoke to me personally:

RT @LBY3 @artwiculate Some weeks I have a hard time getting started. Last week, I was a lynx, this week I’m a lummox.

RT @dmriver hopping dark shattered ~ legs too little, wrong trousers ~ morning lummox dance

@harrarp put the gender of the WOTD in question. @ajeanne pointed out that lummox & men only have one X. Yet we met some females. EG:

RT @Gardencomet I felt like a lummox when I fell in his lap but he smiled at me like I was the daintiest thing on Earth

At first I thought it’d be hard to take this word seriously, but some of the Artwiculati reached beyond serious even to poignant.

RT @yearning4d_sky Do not deride as lummox,they that seem clumsy, awkward or slow~ for the caterpillar of today is tomorrows butterfly #artwiculate

RT @4TailsLampwork Face it–if you are fated to be a lummox,you need a much higher share of gumption, idiosyncrasy, and even a touch of misanthropy to survive.

RT @coinopratdchris No longer a lummox on this day/The scarecrow jumps with legs of hay/The wizard receives grateful praise/From the guardian of fields of maize

RT @mazpowles Waddling, slipping, toddling, tripping – the ungainly ballet of my precious little lummox
[This was the most popular tweet of the day and won @mazpowles the Artwiculate crown.]

RT @TiddK lummox of my life ~ you stumble into my heart ~ your beautiful eyes . #haiku #artwiculate

And the next one – I’m not sure if you’d call it serious or comic … serio-comic?

RT @Wifsie Zombies frolicking / Lummox, genius, all alike / Death wipes out the masks. #haiku #artwiculate

But we can’t get away from the funny side for very long. This was the cleverest comic Haiku I’ve seen in a long while:

RT @JonPowles A lummox haiku just ~ can’t stop tripping o- ~ ver its own feet. All six. #ihatehaiku

And this, the best reworking of a classic quote I’ve seen today

RT @K_Geddings Give a lummox a fish & he has meal. Teach a lummox to fish & all you get is tangled line.

And finally, my taste for the slightly surreal was satisfied by …

RT @BurningHawk1969 Schroedinger’s lummox wouldn’t fit in the box, kept spoiling the experiment. #artwiculate

That’s my RT round-up. There were many wonderful tweets that didn’t make the cut.

I shortlisted but didn’t use no less than 5 of @TiddK’s, 3 of @BurningHawk1969’s and 2 each of @Tralala56’s & @JonPowles’s, but I’m trying to restrict myself to around 20 tweets by different people, so this is what you got.

Good luck to one and all!

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit for more information. (And, for addicts, don’t forget the Salon Artwois at )

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