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Mendacity: The fact or condition of being, or the tendency to be untruthful; Dishonesty; A lie, deceit or falsehood.

Greetings! On a day when @artwiculate illustrated it’s own Word of the Day by lying about it @TSupercargo decides to exhibit himself as a lexophile Zealot by climbing out of the box where’s he’s been hiding to rounding up some Mendacity.

Do I hear a Yay!? No? Oh …

I found over 60 tweets to like today, and have Winnowed then down to twenty. (Did you like my nod in the direction of Loqwacious there?)

I’ll kick off with the best 3 from a subset of tweets which share more or less the same perspective, though each expresses it differently.

First is from @SJHatzi. Silia’s philosophy in a tweet, this.

RT @SJHatzi Mendacity may be an effective short cut. But not in the long run.

Next is from @rgcrockett01 (who I see has been playing since the beginning of February. Welcome, to the round-up Richard!)

RT @rgcrockett01 Your mendacity may carry the moment, but never the day. #artwiculate

And then comes @lbrowno’s take on the same idea (and Hi to you Laura!)

RT @lbrowno Mendacity has speed, but truth has endurance.

Referencing Artwiculate’s own mendacity was the theme of many tweets, especially from earlier on in the day.

Some people were perhaps covering their bases. Nothing wrong with that when it results in a tweet like this from @drng

RT @drng A man cannot have two masters, though the zealots may argue there is mendacity in that proposition. #Artwiculateinstateofquantumduality

And here’s a pertinent comment from @higg1e – and this looks like her first ever Artwicutweet, so welcome to the game Annie!

RT @higg1e Should I believe #artwiculate when they tell me the word of the day is mendacity?

The word of today gave some players an opportunity to explore for interesting rhymes. Here’s ANOTHER newcomer, @r_marce Welcome!

RT @r_marce His only veracity was his voracious capacity for pugnacious mendacity, (the wretched fellow) #myfirst #artwiculate

Capacity and veracity showed up also in this tweet from @rascality

RT @rascality Mendacity is the audacity to apply a certain opacity to the capacity for veracity. #youheardithere1st

And here’s another use of audacity from @fox2go that takes us into another thematic area

RT @fox2go #artwiculate Mendacity audacity : Lie through your teeth

Inevitably (sadly perhaps) many, many tweets coupled the word with politics. Here’s @Colvinius

RT @Colvinius Is mendacity necessary in political life? No, but it is ubiquitous. #artwiculate

But there was also the more human link to (dis)honesty in love. @FlaviaHeloisa gave us this painful poem

RT @FlaviaHeloisa At the time of our farewell, my speech is all mendacity while you play pretending sew a forced smile on your face with an invisible line.

And this tweet from @Slave_To_Coffee was, I thought, just as beautiful and uncomfortable

RT @Slave_To_Coffee Paint a smile upon my lips & wrap me in silk sheets of mendacity as I lie here bleeding reality from wounds of truth. #artwiculate

Those last two stand in good company beside this from @dsceiorg’s

RT @dsceiorg He lives by mendacity / From one victim / To another / He travels / On the trail of tears #artwiculate #gogyohka

Another way of looking at the Word of the Day is syllabically. My favourite in this vein came from @osmarjardim

RT @osmarjardim How can you mend a broken heart? How can you mendacity?

And from MendaCity comes this tweet from @smeedha

RT @smeedha Mendacity: finally my city finds mention on twitter.

Still in the city, @Tralala56 found us some wheels

RT @Tralala56 The new Ford Mendacity, isn’t really an urban car, but it’s great for sales reps.

@mazpowles gave us another glimpse into her classroom reality

RT @mazpowles I teach 7 year old girls. Show and Tell is a mendacity symposium.

And @Ameeee shared this punning aphorism

RT @Ameeee Mendacity; false impressions count.

From the cultural arena, @Doc_Harding reminded us of that fine movie

RT @Doc_Harding Sex, Mendacity and Videotape. #artwiculate movies

While @LorcanDesperado revisited Tenesee Williams

RT @LorcanDesperado Brick was disgusted with the mendacity in ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’.

@ariandalen had some advice from the Realm of Faerie

RT @ariandalen I would never accuse a fairy of mendacity; however, I would take his tales with a grain of salt. #artwiculate

And I shall wind up with another pun, this one from @symphonist

RT @symphonist Mendacity Harps used to put out a great product, but recent reviews suggest nothing but a big bunch of lyres. #artwiculate

Whoa! Stop the press! This just in: another pun from @nedmw

RT @nedmw Admiral Mendacity was the most respected mariner of his time. Everyone loved the cut of his fib

There you go, folks, an RT round-up at last! I’ve said Hi to the newcomers, so I’ll just wave a general greeting to the room before handing back to @TheSupercargo. *Waves*

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit for more information. The winning tweet and the most popular runners up for today’s word are listed at (And, for addicts, don’t forget Salon ArtWois at )

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