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Meretricious: Superficially or garishly attractive; insincere. Of, like or relating to a prostitute (obsolete).

@artwiculate And now, it’s over to my Meretricious mirror image @TSupercargo for the RT round-up!

Rather to my surprise, and despite rigorous sifting I still find myself with 31 meretricious RTs to palm off on you today.

So, I shall try to keep my own chat to a minimum. Let’s kick off with some WOTD+Artwiculate references:

RT @osmarjardim Did anyone have to go to a dictionary for “Meretricious”? No?

Of course not. We are the Artwiculati! (Ahem.)

RT @mwartwiculate Meretwicious(adj) of or pertaining to entries that look great & attract votes but really have no substance #meretricious

RT @tWordBird Tempted to be mislead by meretricious mavens? Just remember: If you tarradiddle in your bed, you’ll have to lie in it!

RT @pn8r His meretricious thesaurus may have a gold and platinum cover, but inside it has the same words as yours or mine.

RT @LorcanDesperado Would a coin-operated boy be considered meretricious?

I don’t know. How do you feel about the question @coinopratdchris?!

Let’s move on to some poetry – starting light:

RT @TiddK
Outwardly you’re meretricious / Plump in every part / Baked with beans you’ll be delicious / A steak and strumpet tart #Hannibal

RT @beezknez I’m meretricious / I love you for all your flaws / and some dollar bills #haiku #artwiculate

RT @BurningHawk1969 Sister Mary Trisha / found sin too delicious / Now she’s all meretricious / just hanging on the block, yo girl. #artwiculate

RT @DrMobs I cruise Metro. /I’m sure, erotic, / meretricious , / semi-courtier. #anagrampoetry

RT @lithiumzombie armor plated gold / sweet, meretricious barfly / multifaceted #haiku #artwiculate

And then on to some more serious prose statements:

RT @graffitipoet Wandering the meretricious wastes; sifting through the rabble, in search of something solid and true.

RT @hfeaga The camaraderie was meretricious. No one was to be found when the storm rolled in. #artwiculate

RT @PrincessCameron I think as you talk to me “They must be meretricious,” but maybe the truth is I’m just jealous that you like them, not me.

Then one step away:

RT @mazpowles Meretricious is usually aiming for glamorous, and sometimes only misses by a couple of centimetres – or a couple of years.

RT @yearning4d_sky Meretricious~based not on merit but deception~all about meaning the opposite of what it pretends to be!!

And we’re back with the cynics:

RT @TinaNguyen When Meretricious met Poetry, they discussed what it’s like to sell out. Poetry had no clue. #artwiculate

RT @SJHatzi MT @tinanguyen: When Meretricious met Law, they discussed what it’s like to sell out. Law advised on how to do it. #artwiculate

RT @lawyergirl3 Lawyergirl3’s legal snippets: if you are pulled over for a meretricious stop, ask for Miranda. #artwiculate

RT @LBY3 @Artwiculate If she uses the word “meretricious,” she really is doing it to put herself through college.

RT @taojoannes Bambi’s parents may have misunderstood her Certificate Of Meretricious Achievement, but th frame looked nice above the couch.

RT @JonPowles I was a confused teenage boy. The meritorious girls seemed so worthy, but the meretricious girls seemed so worth it.

RT @ariandalen When people saw Merry and Tricia together, it was obvious the girls lived a meretricious life. #artwiculate

RT @seglias Lady meretricious – she fell from her stilettos

RT @silversteelwolf Those bluetooth phones are despicably meretricious. They’ll pair up with anything connectible.

RT @baccatum Meretricious just showed up: Oh. My. Gaudy.
[And, would you believe it, @baccatum and @agezoko shared the crown for the second day in a row. I don’t believe that’s ever happened before!]

RT @smeedha The Meretricious lady marmalade: Kitschy Kitschy yaya dada….???

RT @amanuel187 Meretricious melody? Nah, its jez e bell . #artwiculate

A touch of music and bells to cue the finalé and …

RT @OpelDHell meretricious monkey: organ grinder #artwiculate

RT @Krafti_kit Meretricious knitter: Yarn ‘Ho! #artwiculate

RT @kings_indian Meretricious suga’ daddy – faux pas

RT @harrarp Père Tricious and Meretricious wondered why their baby gave them French kisses.

Done! Greetings to occasional players @PrincessCameron @taojoannes and @seglias. Nice to see you all.

And that’s the view from over here. How does it look where you are, with “about 2 hours left to tweet”? Go to it good Artwiculati!

Passing back through the mirror to become once again … @TheSupercargo.

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