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Milquetoast: A meek submissive or timid person. (After Caspar Milquetoast, a cartoon character invented by H.T. Webster (1885-1952))

Good evening (from this time zone) to one and all. Here is that milquetoast @TheSupercargo’s RT round-up via his much more pushy alter ego.

Today’s WOTD had the distinction of being new to the game, though some Artwiculati were not keen on it even so. The wittiest comments:

RT @mwartwiculate Taciturn to the left of me. Milquetoast to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you ? #artwiculate #StupidSongLyrics

RT @lagadu123 Mumbling Milquetoast was meant to be with us yesterday, only he let Pushy Persiflage shove him aside.

We had one nice little sequence of tweets from @TinaNguyen, of which the last can stand as an example:

RT @TinaNguyen But Free Verse, she taught Milquetoast the ways of the world. Yes, she would have made ol’ Max quite proud.

And another sequence (by different hands) that also amused started out with the realisation that milquetoast = meek …

RT @LorcanDesperado Blessed is the milquetoast, for he will inherit the earth per Matthew 5:5. #Artwiculate

RT @TiddK Blessed are the milquetoast, for they shall inherit the Earth. Though by then, of course, it will be too late. #ClimateChange

RT @dsceiorg It’s not the earth the milquetoast inherit, it’s soggy crumbs.

But what is milquetoast? Toast soaked in milk and/or a mild-mannered person…

RT @lithiumzombie Right, that’s me toaster knackered – way to go @artwiculate! Bloody milquetoast…

RT @K_Geddings My Grandma eats milquetoast for breakfast. And she’ll kick your goldfish’s ass too.

RT @SJHatzi Milquetoast? I chew ’em up and spit ’em out.

RT @baccatum Wimpy vegan: soy milquetoast.

RT @seglias R.I.P. Lord Milquetoast – he drowned, too timid to scream for help

RT @aarthycrazy Even his limp was not well pronounced. #milquetoast #artwiculate

RT @harrarp I’m the last of the Milquetoast. The very last. Someone’s always jumping the queue ahead of me.

RT @Squawkingalah The milquetoast sipped tea and longed to nibble Madeleine’s ear.

(In a low voice, but with a certain pride, Proust mumured “That last was a literary reference …”)

RT @dmriver If you’re raisin milquetoast kids, you know you’ve bred pudding.

But (as ever) Artwiculati also found even more unconventional ways to look at the WOTD

RT @Bkeller49 Salut! They raised glasses of mammalian lactal gland secrietion, milquetoast, indeed.

RT @urbanascetic Cereal, fry-up ? Milquetoast , such timid indecision #sixwords #poetry #artwiculate

RT @tgunnars The psychiatrist diagnosed Pete with milquetoast schizophrenia. Pete had voice in his head that were too timid to speak.

There were several poems, but few that really worked for me. Two of those that did.

RT @pamellati Capricious moon, too milquetoast to even appear at times and then so uninhibited it fills the whole sky. #Artwiculate

RT @MaryJenkins Brown eyes crash into blue. I am milquetoast around you. Cerulean charm you imbue. Obstinate lips rebel at adieu. #artwiculatepoetry

That last – “Brown eyes crash into blue” – that was the image that grabbed me.

@Tralala56 put an ad in the personals:

RT @Tralala56 Handsome machiavellian seeks attractive gormless milquetoast for long manipulative relationship. Age not important!

And @JonPowles told us something about what happened later.

RT @JonPowles The Marquis de Sade’s cousin, the Marquis de Milquetoast, invented pink fluffy handcuffs and the Cat O’Cottontails

Finally, this made me smile:

RT @mazpowles I don’t know much about farming, but I would think trying to milquetoast would be a bit like trying to get blood from a stone.

Well, late again, and a bit on the breathless side, but that was the round-up for today. Till next time – handing back to @theSupercargo.

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