Misanthropy – Artwiculate round up from 2 April 2010

featured MisanthropyIf yesterday’s WOTD was unpopular, today’s has been eqally so and @emmaexpress spoke for many when she tweeted —

RT @emmaexpress Hmmph. Only when misanthropy is WOTD do you realise how much potential there was in vaccimulgence.

Still, although many Artwiculati despaired, as ever, many also rose to the challenge. @4TailsLampwork asked —

RT @4TailsLampwork Can one cheerfully practice misanthropy?

She was answered in the affirmative by several. For example:

RT @snatchbeast misanthropy is underrated

RT @harrarp Misanthropy has its moments. Like a fart in a crowded elevator.

On the other hand, most Artwiculate tended to agree with @SJHatzi:

RT @SJHatzi Misanthropy? Forget it. Philanthropy is where it’s at.

RT @K_Geddings Sticks & stones may break bones but misanthropy rots from the inside out.

RT @bwlightning His misanthropy brought him down until another’s hand helped him up. That’s how he finally let go of it. #artwiculate

The bleakest comment, I thought, though one of the most well expressed came from @Wifsie

RT @Wifsie No miracles here / Darkness covers everything / Misanthropy reigns. #artwiculate

But you can’t keep the atmosphere at Artwiculate depressed for very long. Here are my favorite puns of the day.

RT @tWordBird Miss Anthropy: Phil Anthropy’s evil twin. #artwiculate misanthropy

RT @DrJillZ @artwiculate Misanthropy believes mankind is an oxymoron

… and idiom play

RT @BurningHawk1969 Little misanthropy sat under a canopy, eating ashes and lye. #artwiculate

RT @marcosarroyos No one said Mando suffered from misanthropy. No, he enjoyed it too much to call it suffering.

I collected one anagram and one tonguetwister

RT @DrMobs He has misanthropy ?/Oh, his spry man hate! #anagrampoetry

RT @routermonkey Mark’s merciless misanthropy made for many mercenary Machiavellian maneuvers. #artwiculate

To close, the usual problem – how to classify these final RTs? Well, the first is a kind of definition.

RT @lexiconehead Misanthropy is when it happens on the floor and you don’t care who steps in it.

RT @Gardencomet I used to suffer from misanthropy but there’s a cream for it now 😉

RT @Squawkingalah Actually I only suffer true misanthropy at certain times of the month.

RT @dmriver You can take misanthropy with you when you go.

RT @JonPowles Misanthropy is the opposite of music

I was hesitating over which tweets to wind up with. It was almost a dead heat between @dmriver @JonPowles and – well @TiddK won:

RT @TiddK Misanthropy : the more we practice, the worse we become . #artwiculate #paradox

Once again, thanks to all the Artwiculati. It was fun reading your entries and surprisingly difficult to sift out today’s 20 odd RTs.

I wait with interest to see who wins the day, and look forward to more tweets tomorrow. Happy Easter, everyone.

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