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Namby-pamby: (adj) sentimental in a weak, insipid way; clinging, feeble, lacking vigour or decisiveness, spineless

So, @TheSupercargo’s namby-pamby alter ego creeps back (snivelling) to carry out an RT round-up for the current @artwiculate WOTD.

RT @smeedha The namby-pamby greeting- Wuss up!

I just HAD to start with that one! And follow with this …

RT @SJHatzi Namby-pamby… I feel a chick tweet coming on.

I dunno. Not the most inspiring of words, not for many of the artwiculati either – only 13 pages with 3 hours left to tweet.

However, there were, as ever, some real gems among the chaff. (And @TiddK gave us a story involving our bear Wanda!)

I voted for all 15, Tidd, but I’m only going to RT the first one – you know my rules 🙂

RT @TiddK 1. Namby-Pamby and his bestest friend Wishy-Washy lived at home with their mummies, even though both men were in their 40s.

The volume of Teddy-related tweets attracted notice:

RT @TeddyKew What is all this spam ~ namby-pamby teddy spam ~ call the troll patrol #haiku #teddyku

It wasn’t just teddy bears either, a whole nursery seemed to get loose too, but I only want to share a couple.

RT @greenandorganic Namby-Pamby, Teddy and Looby Loo were going on a picnic. They had packed plenty of fresh, organic lollygag into an inauspicious basket

RT @ariandalen Namby-pamby pudding and pie…pudding _and_ pie? That’s an awful lot of calories! Gee…I just can’t decide… #artwiculate

Andy-Pandy (I wonder how widespread that BBC children’s show was), and Georgie Porgie, Pudding and Pie – remember?

It’s just my fancy, I suppose, but I want to pair @greenandorganic’s tweet with this

RT @lagadu123 Die-hard vegans despise no-one (not even committed carnivores) more than they do the namby-pamby ‘vegetarian who eats fish’.

(I strongly suspect @lagadu123 may have a vegan or two in the house. [She says not!])

And another pairing (still in the culinary field – kind of) is @ariandalen’s tweet with this.

RT @profitsee Namby-pamby people-pork / fat and fluid with pudding talk / spilling out fancy words in verse / gum-popping universe #artwiculate

Despite the really not very inspiring WOTD, I thought there were some really clever poems. Like the last, and the next.

RT @I2Haiku When I see you / I go weak / in the knees / but don’t mistake me / for one who is namby-pamby #artwiculate #gogyohka

RT @beezknez I am the Namby-pamby of the spineless ~ legless I walk ~ feeding your earth ~ names fear me not ~ I am worm #artwiculate

And to move from sublime to the ridiculous (as we often do in these round-ups) …

RT @pietroartw All ye poets of our time: /Sing of lovers, sing of Bambi! /Come adopt this quite sublime /Verse we call the namby-pamby.

RT @JonPowles There was a horny Frenchman ~ no namby-pamby he ~ he showed a rather stiff resolve ~ to get the girls to “Oui”

RT @InVinceWil There once was a lad from Miami / whose hands were shaky and clammy / he whined, lied / then he died / His headstone read Namby-Pamby

A couple of … well my database says “literary references” for want of anything better 🙂

RT @radiocurly Well, you put your left leg in, you put your right leg out, you do the namby-pamby, and you shake it all about

RT @FrankSiddarta Don’cha wish your boyfriend was namby-pamby like me? Don’cha?

Music, right? So watch this segue …

RT @harrarp I had a definite namby-pamby period between the Dharma Bums and the Pumphouse Gang.

Though – wait a moment – perhaps @harrarp was referring to American literature? Jack Kerouac and Tom Wolfe? Doesn’t matter …

RT @mazpowles Mahler, Picasso, Chekhov…so bloody namby-pamby! If only they’d played more sport…

(And Kerouac and Wolfe too!)

Let’s finish off with a few self referential tweets … I mean meta-Artwicutweets. Ah, I’m just too much of a namby-pamby intellectual …

RT @BurningHawk1969 The namby-pamby ambidextrious cunning linguist never knew whether to stop, or on the other hand, go on. #artwiculate

RT @ecoflic (To counteract my inauspicious lack of WOTD tweets due to namby-pamby lollygagging, here’s one I hope won’t need a coadjuvant to decipher.)

RT @Squawkingalah “Don’t be so namby-pamby,” scolded the troglodyte when her son baulked at biting the head off a live chicken.

I mean tweets that play with Artwiculate themes or previous WOTDs is what I mean.

And to close, an offering from my favourite Pun-King. (Punking? Oh let’s not go there.)

RT @navinsasikumar RIP: My Lord Namby-Pamby – His possessions will be given to charity. He had no will.
[Yay! Well done, Navin.]

Greetings to new Ted on the Block @TeddyKew, to @profitsee who hasn’t yet got an Artwiculate profile page and to @pietroartw who started playing last month. Hope I’ve not missed anyone who’s new here. @FrankSiddarta? *waves in a namby-pamby fashion*

That’s it folks! Handing back to @TheSupercargo.

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