Nemesis – Artwiculate round up from 10 April 2010

Nemesis(Tweeting as @TSupercargo)

Good evening! Despite my fears, nemesis has not been my nemesis. Here comes my RT round-up! And we start with a pair of tweets that touched my heart (because in them I see my own reflection).

RT @consonant7 Speling is my nemesis @artwiculate

RT @Krafti_kit Just discovered I spelled NEMESIS WRONG!!!!!! Oops. I should probably go back to bed!!!! #artwiculate

Been there, done that! 🙂 Let’s follow that with a couple of plays on an Artwiculate theme:

RT @tWordBird The early bird is the nemesis of EVERY worm! :)>

RT @baccatum The worm plotted against his nemesis. An earlier bird was hard to defeat. Ah, but her eggs, they could be beaten! And so the worm turned.

Nemesis is in the eye of the beholder, it seems.

RT @JonPowles In my troubled dreams my nemesis is a razor-poet: with a sharp tongue, steel-trap mind, shark’s teeth and no mercy. #bait

RT @pn8r My muse is also my nemesis – we have a complicated relationship.

RT @ajeanne I’d like my nemesis served cold, thank you. I’m passing him on to the next deserving soul.

RT @harrarp Nemesis on the down escalator, while I’m on the up. We exchange glances in passing, then quickly look away.

RT @navinsasikumar Hate stands before us. Our foe, our only nemesis. Fight it, we must. Let love prevail.

RT @Squawkingalah My friend sits up in his hospital bed, cancer his Nemesis. Doctors can do no more for him. He is reading War and Peace.

RT @Wifsie Fire in my veins / jealousy’s wicked poison / nemesis of love. #artwiculate

RT @dsceiorg Fear not Nemesis / See how she, goose-winged, flees Zeus / She’s her own worst foe #artwiculate #haiku

RT @ultracutebot misanthropy’s nemesis – unconditional love

RT @lithiumzombie ancient asteroid / nemesis of dinosaurs / genesis of man #haiku #artwiculate
[And with this tweet, Daniël, aka lithiumzombie, won the ArtwicuCrown to general applause.]

RT @TiddK Tiger tiger burning bright / In the forests of the night / One sad truth you failed to see / That Man your nemesis would be

RT @Drew3KW With Genesis came nemesis in a tree and a snake. The struggle seemingly endless, what we see, we want, we take. #artwiculate

RT @StaofSavannah Impatient cherry blossoms bloom/ Vernal arrogance supercedes caution/ Icy nemesis breathes death into the night

Quite a few tweets today with, if not a solemn tone, at least a wary regard for the WOTD. But not all, not all.

RT @urbancrafter nemesis by name ~ an unkindness of ravens ~ feathered charlatans. #artwiculate #haiku

RT @ke6cbr Fatigue, my old nemesis, we meet again!

RT @TheGreatWazu The only Tweetie I know has a nemesis named Sylvester. Google, here I come.

RT @EccleStoned dennis the nemesis.

RT @DaveCurry Her brother’s nemesis was his sister’s nemebro. #tryandmakesenseofthat

And to wind up …

RT @routermonkey One-eyed Jack stared down his old nemesis – Depth Perception. As always, Jack couldn’t quite tell how far away he was.

Finally, in the twisted quotation department …

RT @BurningHawk1969 the nemesis of my nemesis is my companion. #artwiculate

I think yesterday I went to town on the interpolations. Today, I will try to be shorter and sweeter and just say: Good night!

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit for more information. (And, for addicts, don’t forget the Salon Artwois at )

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