New Category etc.

artwiculate-logoToday I created a new category and sub category: Artwiculation and RT Round-up. (You can see them the category bar below the banner at the top of the page.) Artwiculation will have at least three sub-categories in the end. I’m plannng to collect here all my Artwiculations for the Artwiculate word-game on Twitter as well as the occasional flights of fancy that produce what I’m calling ArtwicuTales; longer stories told in 140 character Twitter bites. Under RT Round-up you’ll find my round-up of the 20 or so tweets contributed to Artwiculate in a given day that I choose to retweet as @TSupercargo.

Today I’ve also discovered how to change the date of a post so I’ll be able to re-post many entries from the last couple of years with their correct initial date. (I was unable to transfer my blogs automatically from the previous version of my homepage to the WordPress database. Having to do it manually.)

I’ve also started to tag posts.

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