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Nugatory : Trivial, trifling or of little importance; Ineffective, invalid or futile.

Greetings Artwiculati! Here comes another nugatory RT round-up from the being lurking in @TheSupercargo’s back-brain.

RT @ten_ten_ten ‘That’s a nugatory 10-4 good buddy, we got ourselves an artwiculate convoy!’

Thank you @ten_ten_ten! And what an apporpriate word it was for us to play with today. Don’t you agree?

RT @SJHatzi I’m with Michelangelo on the nugatory: “Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.”

Well, I suppose there IS another side to the coin, Silia. But I was thinking more of this …

RT @BurningHawk1969 What light dares to span / the gulf of nugatory life / Wasted on word games? #Haiku #LQW 🙂

There was an interesting sub-theme today (well, interesting for me as an expat Englishman)

RT @the7minutestar The Tory turned a mug upside down and uttered, “Nugatory – it’s empty!” #artwiculate

Tory = Conservative in British politics (for those not focused on our small corner)

RT @harrarp Let me tell you about the time when a nugatory and a nugalibdem formed a nugacoalition.

That was a nugatale and a half! Then @kings_indian countered with …

RT @kings_indian Me nugatory,you belabour #BritPolitics

And finally a proto-Texan (possibly from Essex) from @marcosarroyos’s cast of characters

RT @marcosarroyos The British hooligan overheard someone say nugatory, he thought she said, “mug a Tory,” so he did so right away.

Politics, eh! Where would we be without it?

I think @micahpedia gave us a description of a politician (but maybe my prejudices are showing)

RT @micahpedia His prose consisted of a bland outer layer with a nugatory filling

And @dsceiorg provided another instalment of his dictionary of collectives for the modern age:

RT @dsceiorg Collective nouns: A cacophony of political campaigns; A negotiation of platforms; A nugatory of promises #artwiculate

And in a deeper delve into US politics @CreoleEloquence gave us the #Shakespalin!

RT @CreoleEloquence What nugatory thought did move Caribou Barbie to equivocate herself to Shakespeare? #artwiculate #Shakespalin

Politics also involves statesmanship, something not always in evidence internationally.

RT @chemingineer The intransigence of the two warring parties threatened to turn the peace talks into a nugatory exercise. #artwiculate

Which can lead to papering over cracks or even using sticking plaster, as @beezknez pointed out.

RT @beezknez Band aids ~ for bullet holes ~ Nugatory ~ Cosmetics #artwiculate

Next, the similarity in pronunciation and spelling between the WOTD and Nougat, as in …

RT @TiddK I told Wanda the WOTD. She thought I said “Nougat, for me?” I didn’t have the heart to tell her No. I’m off to the shop. #nugatory

But remember …

RT @LorcanDesperado Nougat is not nugatory for those with decayed or loose teeth. #artwiculate

And (particularly – um – poignant for those of us with experience of them …)

RT @amanuel187 Nugatory? The inside of weight loss candy bars.

On the subject of food – er “food” – there were also a number of tweets that played with chicken nuggets. For example:

RT @Charm47 Nugatory…a plant where chicken nuggets are manufactured #artwiculate

The WOTD also plays a role in relationships between people.

RT @kuppilidivya nugatory : life looks nugatory without the person u love, in it !!!

But what if your love is not returned?

RT @mazpowles The real poignancy of unrequited love lies in the hours spent decoding each utterly nugatory word and gesture.

But if love is requited it may lead to – well, take it away @Ysabeluna!

RT @Ysabeluna \wedding,obligatory \honeymoon,mandatory \ marital squabbles,derogatory \divorce,statutory \reason for separation, nugatory \ #artwiculate

Oh, if only:

RT @lagadu123 What if the world’s population were a jigsaw, each of us a same-sized piece, of equal worth? No-one would be nugatory.

*sings* What a wonderful world that would be! *sings*

Are we getting into moral territory here? What’s that @helacious? Oh, right, not moral, ethical:

RT @helacious I took a course in Extreme Ethics, and most of my actions went from nugatory to supererogatory in a single week!

Apparently there really _is_ something called Extreme Ethics. I learn new things every time I do one of the round-ups.

And after life?

RT @kado56 Purgatory is for the Big Sinners, nugatory is for little ones

Though I doubt whether James Bond – or indeed Agent 000 – will be going there.

RT @Eridanus “There’s a plot to eliminate Agent 000, Bond.” “Agent Nugatory? A mere database default option!” “Precisely, 007. Investigate!”

Perhaps @coinopratdchris knows someone who can help Bond.

RT @coinopratdchris Look, Nugatory Man has arrived at the crime scene! Too bad the Competent Cadets already rounded up the villains!

Meanwhile, off Broadway (or Shaftsbury Avenue for people with a London horizon) …

RT @bwlightning Another flop at Nugatory Theatre- maundering about the stage, lost for lamprophony, like it’s all work & no play #artwiculate

Further into the surreal with @DrMobs

RT @DrMobs Game on tryout, /May not go true. /Too angry. Mute. /Not my outrage / Nugatory to me #anagrampoetry

Oh dear, this round-up is in danger of

RT @cyberbonn Spinning out of control in cyberspace, a black hole where nugatory tweets amass. #artwiculate

Quick, @osmarjardim! Help me drag it back.

RT @osmarjardim Nugatory is ~ Japanese short form poetry ~ nugatori is. #haiku

Erm …

RT @tama001 The adjective of Newgate is Newgatory (nugatory). #artwiculate

Well thanks for you help Miaou, but …

RT @TOCSY1 His nugatory swings on the tee led to a charge of feckless driving

Oh come on fellows, this is a serious word! A trivial one, to be sure, but – help me here @Tralala56

RT @Tralala56 When you’re young what people think of you is really important. When you’re old, it’s nugatory.

Ah, a breath of sanity!

We old people don’t care a jot what what other peopel think of us, do we @TheSupercargo? What do you mean “Speak for yourself”?

I want to close (for once) on a downbeat. I really liked this haiku from @bookdreamer

RT @bookdreamer nugatory life~empty bed, a silent phone~the tick-tock counted #haiku #artwiculate

Deep breath. OK my friends, that was the RT round-up for today.

Welcome to @micahpedia – a new to Artwiculate for this month it looks like. And greetings to @kuppilidivya, an occasional player, but first time collected in an round-up.

Thanks as ever to all the Artwiculati for providing me with the raw material for this.

Artwiculate says there’s still time to tweet, vote and RT, so I say: Go for it! Till next time, handing back to @TheSupercargo.

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