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Obfirmation: Confirmed or being confirmed in evil, Obduracy (SOED); Hardness of heart, Obduracy (Websters)
@TSupercargo & @TheSupercargo apologise for the recent (and forthcoming) dearth of round-ups. It’s not due to obfirmation but lack of time. Hoping to resume a more regular service in the Autumn/Fall. In the meantime, here comes one last Augustan RT round-up.

Today’s word (and the associated definition) was another hint that our friends at Artwiculate HQ need a new prescription for their glasses. The WOTD doesn’t mean “A collection of related data” but “Obduracy” “Confirmed or being confirmed in evil” & “Hardness of heart”
[All as given above!]

Nevertheless, as @Ysabeluna observed …

RT @Ysabeluna #Artwiculate Obfirmation : Word Competition that confuses clever people & the rest of us due to ERRONEOUS definitions but WE still play duh!

Duh! indeed. Or to put it another way …

RT @FrankSiddarta Obfirmation ~ obfuscation of the day

There were other reactions.

RT @Osmarjardim Rebolation rebolation rebolation rebolation rebolation obfirmation #sixsillywords

[Rebolation turns out to be a Brazilian dance. One learns so many things, playing this game :-)]

RT @Calum_MacDonald I know that Obfirmation is a long word but i do like to collect letters and there are a few in Obfirmation #artwiculate

RT @HikiMadwoman My mom calls the confirmation of Obama’s court nominee “The Obfirmation”. I would refudiate her, but that’s not a word…

RT @rafat4d Idle obfirmation~suspicious affirmation~another observation~different investigation~shocking revelation. #artwiculate

RT @chrisloft Obfirmation obliquely orbiting the obstinate obelisk of obdurate obsession, obfuscating obedience, obliviating obliteration and alliteration

Nice tongue-twister there Chris!

RT @harrarp The lighter side of obfirmation: a candy heart that says “retweet me”

RT @I2Haiku You say obfirmation, I say focused determination. #Artwiculate

The hardness (and the hard-heartedness) of the WOTD was taken up by several people, and made its way into several poetic uses.

RT @Charm47 / Diamonds are softer / than / your obfirmation / towards / me / #artwiculate #gogyohka

RT @lagadu123 Find or feign obfirmation when love won’t let go / Cruel to be kind ? Maybe. But do not let it show.

RT @Gardencomet Don’t give me affection from your almonry. I don’t want pity. Love me or leave me and let me cultivate obfirmation #lqw

RT @19ish Up here at Obfirmation Point, you can actually see the icy winds of obduracy chilling the air below. #artwiculate

I thought both @19ish & @lagadu123 flew well with today’s WOTD – at least I found myself with 4 or 5 tweets from each of them to choose among.

Meanwhile, back in the train with Magritte …

RT @TiddK “Next stop Obfirmation”. Magritte frowned. The train crossed parallel lines. “Next stop Nirvana”. Magritte smiled.

Meanwhile, hardness and rigidity were also – dare I say attractive? to several of us.

RT @navinsasikumar RIP: My Lord Obfirmation – Rigid in life, rigor mortis in death

RT @MaxRaunchiness With me it’s not obfirmation, my lovely, it’s knobfirmation.

RT @MaltaGoddess So many men to cure of obfirmation, so little time. *Sigh.*

The sense “confirmed in evil” wasn’t picked up by many, but there were a couple or three rather good tweets that touched on it.

RT @minibtweet Obfirmation seared his conscience his epitaph A heart of stone #Artwiculate

RT @dsceiorg No, Perdiccas, I said we need confirmation. “Well, the prisoner won’t pour his heart out to me now.” #lqw #obfirmation

The historian in me liked that David, and …

RT @pn8r The captain said to his wife on the wrong side of the hatch, “I had to save the ship.” No reply from the icy silence of space. #obfirmation

… the SF fan in me liked that one @pn8r. (Reminiscent of Tom Goodwin’s “The Cold Equations”?)

Not sure if the next one fits into the “confirmed in evil” catagory … but maybe.

RT @runheidi Obfirmation and obfuscation are the car salesman’s tools. He sees me coming and says to himself, “I love working with fools.” #artwiculate

And I thought the next fell into the same catagory.

RT @routermonkey There was very little sympathy for lost travellers at the Tourist Obfirmation Centre. #Artwiculate

Now you point it out, @routermonkey, I’ve definitely found myself accidentally in one or two Tourist 0bfirmation Centres.

The confusion of the WOTD with “confirmation” was one other people picked up on. For example …

RT @mazpowles After a course of affirmation failed to cure my malaise the doctor prescribed obfirmation.

With the coming of the new @Loquatious WOTD, some of us found room for both evil and pirates – kind of.

RT @BurningHawk1969 Collective nouns: An obfirmation of buccaneers (Sorry David) #LQW #Artwiculate

RT @drchavi Looking for the buccaneer to redeem me from obfirmation…..#lqw

For my final tweet of the round-up I go back to the lexicon – literally. @LorcanDesperado has taught me a[nother] new word!

RT @LorcanDesperado Catachresis grates on the obfirmation of lexicologists. #artwiculate

OK folks! That’s yer lot. The RT round-up and the participation in Artwiculate of @TheSupercargo and @TSupercargo will be suspended now for 2 weeks.

Looking forward to a break and a return in the new season. Cheerio for now from us both. *Waves madly and exits*

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