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Objurgate: To scold, reprimand or rebuke
Greetings from the computer of @TheSupercargo. His doppelganger typing. Disregarding all the objurgation I had to put up with last time. (I was NOT drunk!) I’m back with a new RT round-up. (And stone-cold – or rather luke-warm-tea – sober. Yuk.)

As ever, some people were less than happy with the WOTD, but, like @kado56 I rate it pretty highly (and that DOES mean I’m RTing another one of Katie’s later).

The word has a nice mouth-filling quality about it – as indeed it should considering it’s sense:

RT @JonPowles “Objurgate” is just a bollocking, but with extra Latin.

RT @osmarjardim Tsk tsk! Objurgate is a verb: reprehend, scold, reprove, chide, reprimand, rebuke, upbraid, reproach, twit

@osmarjardim’s tweet was perhaps provoked by seeing so many people try to twist the verb into another part of speech, but such is the Artwiculate way, and kudos to anyone who can pull it off, I say. Though it takes some skill and knowledge of idiom.

RT @kado56 Objurgate and on yer bike!

(There, you see? 🙂 )

@pn8r chose to make the word into an adjective – and along the way provided us with a sequence of interlinked tweets. The first:

RT @pn8r He spent his life savings and his best years to invent objurgate canceling headphones. But man, it was worth it!

Seek out the others!

Today’s word inspired a number of rather good poems. I particularly liked the following. (Another adjectival use btw.)

RT @bookdreamer I started life’s breath\with an objurgate slap\to warn me\that unearned love\was left in the womb #artwiculate #gpoem #gogyohka

RT @I2Haiku If I wait~to objurgate~till a calmer head prevails~I can make my point~without being bereft of reason #artwiculate #gogyohka

RT @urbanascetic Object, objurgate but don’t bewail ~ Act #sixwords #poetry #artwiculate

RT @Elixir_V Heaven sent my Fate/ But I am running late/ Do they objurgate/ Past the Pearly Gate? #artwiculate #poem

RT @dsceiorg I will not objurgate / you, unfortunate fool / bereft of common sense / What else could you do / President Bush #gogyohka #artwiculate #lqw

Today was day for Former US Presidents. Apart from George Bush we also had my namesake.

RT @hollyrocket YOU ARE TOO A CROOK!! (Objurgate Watergate) #artwiculate

I was once introduced to a crowded meeting as Richard Nixon … but that is another story 🙂

With @marcosarroyos we revisited a recurring subject that I haven’t actually seen for a while.

RT @marcosarroyos It’s of no use to objurgate the electric fence when it’s you that pees on it.

I don’t think you can argue with that logic!

Another recurring theme is the Artwiculate express:

RT @lagadu123 The train steamed through the objurgate, ignoring all signals, and smashed into the buffers.

Oh no! What happened?

RT @harrarp It appears that the railroad to Objur has a gate that needs to be closed each time an artwiculate train passes. #objurgate

I hope no one was hurt, but were they killed they might have found themselves in @chemingineer’s Hell:

RT @chemingineer The compound of Hell has 4 gates – Investigate, Interrogate, Objurgate and Castigate. #artwiculate

Objurgation (that’s the noun form, guys!) is a tool that some people use to withering effect. But not always:

RT @to_exist Every time father would objurgate mother, I hid in the closet with my eyes clenched shut. One day momma had enough. Fertilizer. #artwiculate

And here’s another way of coping

RT @SimonNix I stand here while you objurgate – and think in verse #artwiculate.

@mazpowles had another perspective on the WOTD

RT @mazpowles I don’t like to objurgate. I much prefer simmering resentment and subtle, yet caustic disparagement.

While @Wifsie had that hot cup of tea that I so lack.

RT @Wifsie Ah…a scalding cup of Objurgate tea, with a peck of sarcasm and a lot of censure…

@darrenmjones gave us a new slogan (and a way to respond to it)

RT @darrenmjones Agitate! Objurgate! Organise! was the new rallying cry. Bob decided to speak softly and carry a big dictionary #artwiculate #vss

And I very much liked @eilonwya10’s Curmudgeonly cheerleaders (I have an image in my mind’s eye which may derive from a half-remembered Green Day video).

RT @eilonwya10 Curmudgeonly cheerleaders: two-four-six-eight, everybody objurgate! #artwiculate

Two puns …

RT @nedmw Why did Monsieur Objurgate always carry a jacket? Because he frequently felt scold

RT @languagenhumor Objurgate Hair Salon offers free upbraids. #artwiculate (objurgate)

But to end with, this wonderful Artwicutweet from @TiddK:

RT @TiddK Objurgate, The Movie: “Don’t scold me, ma. The lights.. they’re fading. I’m gonna be one, ma. A star! Hold me…” #JamesCagney
[Tidd won the crown, but not with that one.]

And that’s the lot. As fine a selection as ever I saw!

Special greetings to @Elixir_V @hollyrocket @to_exist @darrenmjones & @eilonwya10 who all (I think) appear in the round-up for the first time.

And special greeting also to new player @SimonNix who doesn’t yet have a profile page.

OK. that’s really the end now. “About 3 hours left to tweet” – and vote, and re-tweet. All to play for yet! Passing off to @TheSupercargo.

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