Obloquy – Artwiculate round up from 8 April 2010

Obloquy(Tweeting as @TSupercargo)

Rather an early RT round up today as my doppelganger @TheSupercargo is off to the theatre in an hour or so.

Today’s WOTD (which I’m going to avoid using so as not to skew voting) has attracted its share of cuss words. For example:

RT @PuddleMonkey What the f$@k is obloquy? Some stupid f$#king word I can’t f$#king pronounce, let alone use in a sentence. Well, don’t I feel stupid.

Defining the WOTD has already given us a variety of tweets in various genres:

RT @mazpowles I love profanity – rich, dark, warm, fertile – we should never confuse vulgarity with arid obloquy

RT @graffitipoet Though Sticks and stones/May break your bones/Their scraps and scuffs will heal/But obloquy/Served day by day/Will grid your soul to meal

RT @yearning4d_sky obloquy angled obliquely ~ sarcasm dripping ~ drawing blood ~ hurts me to the core! #artwiculate

RT @TiddK Power cut obloquy : unprintable language . #artwiculate

RT @smeedha An obloquy festoon- A string of abuses

And a fine few puns and idiom plays:

RT @emmaexpress How do you block a stream of obloquy? Dam it.
[This tweet attracted the most votes and made @emmaexpress Artwiculate Queen for a day.]

RT @navinsasikumar What do you call a chicken’s obloquy? Fowl language

RT @catmar604 If anyone ever bullies my kid with obloquy or fisticuffs, I will smack them down with my mothereffin’ dictionary.

RT @Wifsie Obloquy! The bird was a cheater. He got an early start! #artwiculate

@Wifsie managing also to pick up what has become and Artwiculate theme – the early bird. @baccatum responded from the worm’s eye-view:

RT @baccatum Worm obloquy: f’ing early bird…have a seed, will ya?

Another touch of the Artwiculate came in @Krafti_kit’s tweet:

RT @Krafti_kit In this episode: the superheroine SuperSilia deflects the obloquy making #artwicluate safe for all. cc @SJHatzi

And SuperSilia herself gave us:

RT @SJHatzi The advantages of hearing loss: One can credibly ignore obloquy. #Yay!

I liked the next clever twist on a proverb. (It’s a very true statement too!)

RT @K_Geddings They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but in the case of flatulence, it’s just obloquy.

A couple of uncategorised tweets next:

RT @harrarp An obloquy gets depleted with the expletives deleted. But you still get the drift.

RT @Gardencomet The followers of the Goddess Obloquy practised ritual character assassination

And then a crossreference to another game with which, I suspect, many an Artwiculati will familiar:

RT @bwlightning Q U O O L B Y – Now I know what to do with those scrabble letters instead of self- obloquy! #artwiculate #sevenletterword!

(I have to say that my Scrabble problems tend to come with Q Z J K L B Y – but maybe that’s just me!)

The next tweet is a lovely piece of observation, which also had me looking up “gurriers”. (Now I know.)

RT @kado56 Little Irish gurriers, slouching streetwise, underaged toughies trailing nonchalant obloquy and beercans, spitting fag smoke and profanity.

And my final two tweets are literary references, Romeo and Juliet and The Scarlet Letter:

RT @JonPowles Their eyes, their pursed lips full of obloquy say ‘no’ ~ but, love, our lips and hearts and souls can say but ‘yes’

RT @ajeanne My scarlet A of obloquy | A forlorn maiden I will be | Confess! You preacher, set me free. #ShortenMyHawthorne

OK that’s me done. there’s still “about 9 hours left to tweet today’s word” so all still to play for. Good luck everyone!

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit http://artwiculate.com for more information. (And, for addicts, don’t forget the Salon Artwois at http://www.salonartwois.com/ )

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