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Obstreperous: Noisily and stubbornly defiant; protesting loudly; noisy or rough in resisting control.

Artwiculati! Here comes the RT round-up with 2 hours left. Cutting it fine, but I’ve been struggling with Twitter’s search engine.

And let’s start of with a comment from @TiddK on the game’s on-going problem:

RT @TiddK Artwiculati, don’t despair! / Don’t be obstreperous / Repeated words are fairly rare / & hardly worth a fuss . #AdviceToSelf

True enough – and @amanuel187 at least was happy:

RT @amanuel187 Condign obstreperous? How ’bout a round of applause for the WOTD. #artwiculate

My own minor effort to get into the game today played on the similarity in the spelling of obstreperous and obstetric.

A rather fine play along these lines [better than mine] came from:

RT @eilonwya10 The obstetrician was treated as if he was leprous, when in fact he was only obstreperous. #artwiculate

Another route for the spelling-fixated was the -saurous one. A good example:

RT @LStephenCleary During the Mesozoic Age a fully grown adult Obstreperous stood over 40 feet tall and weighed over 5 tons.

This next carries on from a sequence we started with milquetoast …

RT @ariandalen The milquetoasts may inherit the earth, but the obstreperous will go out partying heartily. #artwiculate

And with another Biblical slant, this pun from @DaveCurry

RT @DaveCurry Obstreperous Eve? Raising Cain. #lousybiblepuns

Obstreperous creatures are not always the most popular.

RT @dsceiorg Silence is broken / Obstreperous car horns blare / Six thirty each morn #haiku #artwiculate

On the other hand …

RT @LBY3 @artwiculate Be happy for the obstreperous in our midst, because the world was rarely changed for the better by the meek and mild.
[And these sentiments struck a chord with the Artwiculati, winning @LBY3 the brazen crown.]

RT @dmriver Just remember, the obstreperous bowel toils for thee.

But let’s not delve into the lavatory just yet. Here are some more positive spins on the WOTD

RT @urbanascetic Loud and proud, obstreperous not obsequious #sixwords #poetry #artwiculate

RT @SJHatzi Boisterous? YES! Tumultuous? For sure! Stubbornly defiant? No way!!! OMG! *I* am obstreperous!!! Wooohooooooooooo!!!

I thought the next tweet was particularly clever:

RT @sia_ky The large gecko takes/ the obstreperous cricket/ out for quick lunch. #artwiculate

And I think a welcome to @sia_ky is in order, too!

@pn8r continues his occasional tale of Zak and his adventures in the Land of Artwicutweet:

RT @pn8r Zak was glad that, although Cass was chatty, she was not obstreperous – wait, would he forever be comparing each woman to his ex?

And in other themes …

RT @JonPowles Oedipus the odious octopus was even more obstreperous than his brother Otto, as his mummy used to spoil him as a child.

RT @kuiperrrr The squeaky wheel gets the grease just as the obstreperous gander gets the geese #artwiculate

(Was this a sly dig @MaxRaunchiness?!)

I think the next is our first Acrostic for a very long time. Nice one , @mwartwiculate!

RT @mwartwiculate
N ear
O bstreperous
I ntolerable
S creaming
Y outh #artwiculate #acrosticPoem

@TinaNguyen had words of comfort to share, couched in poetry:

RT @TinaNguyen braying donkey / obstreperous ass / unworthy of your attention #haiku

And @tWordBird shared a moment of horror:

RT @tWordBird Her fashion sense was beyond loud – it was SO obstreperous that her friends turned her in to ‘What Not to Wear’.

@Gardencomet & @lexiconehead both gave us puns I enjoyed:

RT @Gardencomet I wasn’t sure if the painter was being obstreperous or whether it was just a bad case of distemper

RT @lexiconehead The more obstreperous I get, the bigger the bellicose veins.

And it seemed appropriate to conclude with this tweet from @graffitipoet

RT @graffitipoet And the obstreperous day finally winds down and ends with a whimper…

A whimper? I think not! But that’s all from @TheSupercargo’s obstreperous doppleganger. Till next time Tweeps!

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit http://artwiculate.com for more information. The winning tweet and the most popular runners up for today’s word are listed at http://www.artwiculate.com/words/obstreperous (And, for addicts, don’t forget Salon ArtWois at http://www.salonartwois.com/ )

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