John Nixon

Fuzzy header seagull


Gravitars and more colours

Now I have a Gravitar (Globally Recognized Avatar) and have set up the site to display other people’s Gravitars in association with their comments. More about Gravitars and WordPress here: Register your own Gravitar here: I also played around with the colours. The colours I’m using should all now be “Internet safe” (according to Photoshop). The Hex codes are Navy blue #000066 Lightest blue #CCCCFF Pastel yellow #FFFFCC Pastel pink #FFCCCC Grey #339999 Rust #996600 Darkest blue #000033

Iperbox added

As an experiment, I’ve added a slide-show of recent photos from my Ipernity site to the right-hand sidebar. The width of the box appears to vary depending on the browser one uses. In Opera the box is pushed slightly out of alignment to the right. It looks perfectly OK in IE though. Need to test it in other browsers. [Apr 7 – Tested in Firefox and Chrome – same problem.] [Apr 10 – “fixed” by widening the right-hand column by 10 pixels.] I’ve also cracked the problem of padding in my Scrimshaw page which I hope  will bear fruit a little later in the week.

Atahualpa featured image


Spent yesterday (betwixt and between other things) learning how to make static pages. Will continue with this today. Trying to see what I can make in Dreamweaver to import as code to static pages. The padding is a problem. Still tweaking the front page and the header. Puzzled that the header image now seems to be so pixilated. Original picture is not, nor was it displayed as such to begin with. Solved! At least I’ve worked out how to change the colour of the headers in the columns left and right. Still can’t see how to do it in the main column though.