Panoply – Artwiculate round up from 6 April 2010

(Tweeting as @TSupercargo)

PanoplyGood evening! Here’s @TheSupercargo’s RTing alter ego, ready to share a few favourites from of today’s panoply of treasures.

First though: Our Greek expert, @SJHatzi points out Artwiculate’s definition of today’s WOTD (tho’ correct for current usage) doesn’t plumb the etymological depths.

RT @SJHatzi Artwiculati: Regardless of the definition on the site, panoply etymologically means only “complete suit of armor”.

And Silia backed up her point with a fine illustrative avatar.

Several artwiculati (with typical erudition) managed to include both current AND etymological senses of the WOTD in their tweets. For example:

RT @lexiconehead Every time I play Panoply, somebody mortgages my hilt.

RT @BewareTheFly As a fly, I have an impressive number of hairs, but you’d hardly call them a panoply, protective as they are.

RT @dsceiorg The city sparkles / The panoply of window lights / Armor against night #haiku

RT @emmaexpress We are all vulnerable. No panoply of armour can shield us from cupid’s bow.

And of course …

RT @Tralala56 The panoply of the Knights of Ni: a shrubbery

In this context, Who could forget the Knights who go Ni? | Today I tip my hat in particular to @BurningHawk1969. When I came to identify authors, I found I’d shortlisted no less than 5 of Mark’s. Hard to choose, but this I liked best:

RT @BurningHawk1969 many-colored circus tent: panoply canopy. #artwiculate

And as we’ve entered into puns and idiom-play, here are a few more that made me grin:

RT @EccleStoned Panoply Cruz may be a supremely talented actress, but I can never get her name right!

RT @ajeanne Excuse me, sir, but your panoply is open.

RT @Krafti_kit Warrior graduation: All pomp and panoply #artwiculate

RT @celticgladiator The drag queen took Panoply to a whole new level.

RT @smeedha Diaphanous Panoply- the Emperor’s new clothes

Today’s word also stimulated a range of rather nice haiku and other poems. I especially liked these:

RT @littlefluffycat In full panoply / cat and cardinal meet and nod / in admiration #haiku #artwiculate

RT @yearning4d_sky butterflies dancing ~ panoply of colours vibrant ~ fluttering in the breeze #haiku #artwiculate

RT @harrarp Sunrise paints the sky / the earth awakens once more / with all panoply

RT @TiddK Beneath a panoply of stars / I wander thru the desert night / & in a sandstorm of my fears / All shadow smoke, are put to flight

@TiddK was another who altered her avatar rather nicely to reflect the WOTD, and this tweet too.

The following join the special strata of artwicutweets that play with sexual innuendo. From two of the masters:

RT @ultracutebot panoply of excuses/assorted lies/no doubt you’re distracted by the wonders between her thighs…

RT @MaxRaunchiness Brunette leaves the bar / My panoply of dreams crushed / Choking the chicken #maxku

We are not beyond patting ourselves on the back, and there were two pro-Artwiculati tweets I particularly liked today.

RT @Ysabeluna clever artwiculatti ~ in a jolly panoply ~ of wits, humor daily ~ #haiku #poetry

RT @Gardencomet The Artwiculati – a panoply of wordsmiths, jesters, sages, raunchy lovers, and observers of the human condition

But now we’re reaching my Final Five. No “winner” here, and no particular order, these are just the tweets I want to wind up with.

RT @JonPowles This I will teach my sons: courage, honour, self-reliance, and the strength of tenderness. How to wear the panoply of manhood
[This tweet ended up as the most popular on the day and won @JonPowels his “brazen crown”.]

RT @TinaNguyen A panoply of geisha click-clack down the street. All eyes turn from the sakura to view their splendid beauty. #artwiculate

RT @SaraiLune Sky panoply? Simply stars

RT @Awdures Wanted-Hero in panoply, to sweep me off my feet. Must have a soh. Flibbertigibbets need not apply #artwiculate

RT @DrJillZ @artwiculate The panoply of flashing warning lights on the dashboard was very distracting. Black electrical tape solved that problem

A good crop today. I voted for at least 80 tweets on and my short list ran to over 35, whittled down to 25, but it was difficult.

Which tweets did you like best? And who will win the crown? We wait with bated breath! [It was @JonPowles – see above.]

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit for more information. (And, for addicts, don’t forget the Salon Artwois at )

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