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Panurgic: Able and ready to do anything (says the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary); or, if you believe Artwiculate, this word is a synonym for Panic in all its senses. And see below!

Greetings Artwiculati! Don’t get panurgic, now, but here comes an RT round-up from @TheSupercargo & @TSupercargo

Well, it’s funny old word with a right porrige of definitions some of which I have serious doubts about, but there’s been some brilliant play with it. Which I will try to reflect in the following.

First of all, class, what DOES it really mean? @runheidi?

RT @runheidi Panurgic: the urge to bonk someone over the head with a frying pan, esp. when said person has bungled yet another #artwiculate definition.

Erm … @FrankSiddarta?

RT @FrankSiddarta Panurgic ~ a fast, pungent word ~ be afraid, be very afraid

Yes, but …

RT @chemingineer Panurgic, thy name is mother ! #artwiculate


RT @SJHatzi Artwiculate’s panurgic wit: keeping the erudite on their toes with Rabelaisian jeux d’esprit! Tweet on, beaux esprits!

OK kids! Quiet down now! According to my SOED the WOTD means: “Able and ready to do anything”, which makes the following rather clever:

RT @emmaexpress Micro CV: Hire me, I’m panurgic. #artwiculate

RT @Gardencomet I’m panurgic. Try to keep up

At the same time, I am absolutely convinced there’s more than a hint of Panurge in there – Panurge being an outrageous and much larger-than-life knavish coward in Gargantua and Pantagruel a book by Rabelais that I (almost certainly) read (a part of) once.
[This is also in the etymology given in the SOED – just noticed!]

RT @Tralala56 Shaun the sheep is as close as you can come to a panurgic sheep, and the flock does blindly follow him! #artwiculate #MoutonsDePanurge

Exactly! (@Tralala56 is referring to a specific incident in Gargantua and Pantagruel – Google it!)

But clearly the word also has elements of classical mythology – the goat-god Pan –

RT @zimmerjohn The nymph fell deep in love with Pan / She loved all things Panurgic / But she knew that it could never work / For to goats she was allergic

RT @eilonwya10 Said Zeus to Hera: That capricious little satyr’s one prolific, skilled creator, not so much Apollonian as panurgic. #artwiculate

Thank you. Where was I – er – the goat-god Pan and things lexically associated with him. Like sex and pipes …

RT @kado56 Panurgic – oh my! ~ horny fellow waving pipe ~ run from that? No fear

… or (which is where at least some of @artwiculate’s definitions come into the picture) panic.

RT @lomnoir Six degrees of fear: butterflies, trepidation, anxiety, fright, alarm, panurgic.

RT @FlaviaHeloisa Panurgic Cupcakes: wild strawberry flavor, a food of the gods, the overwhelming fear of those who are dieting!

But beyond these (more or less) straightforward uses of the WOTD, we also saw some fantastic mixed meanings and flights of fancy.

RT @TOCSY1 The King told Humpty Dumpty that he did not consider him panurgic. Sadly, Humpty soon proved himself an egg-spurt on many things…

RT @tama001 Panurgic? I think so… workaholic. And, he is good at rough Pantagruelism. #artwiculate

RT @lexiconehead How quickly panic turns panurgic, especially when you read the dictionary too fast

RT @lawyergirl3 Life’s most persistent and panurgic question is, ‘What’s happening?

RT @dsceiorg Was Pan panurgic? Was Allie allergic? Was Thea theurgic? Was Cholinos Cholinergic? Was Thaumas thaumaturgic? #artwiculate

All pressing questions!

RT @19ish The panurgic caitiff prevaricated about his nefarious & divarious plots to dig divaricated escape routes. #lqw #artwiculate

RT @pn8r If fighting pandemics while flipping pancakes and pandiculating and mixing a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, don’t panic! #panurgic

RT @Elixir_V Every Pancake Day I feel a bit panurgic.. #artwiculate

RT @helacious The infamous substance lysergic/Was once the concoction panurgic/Of my dissolute youth/But now, yea forsooth/I eschew it as if I’m allergic.

RT @TiddK Panurgic walks into a bar. “Jack of all Daniels, please barman”. #artwiculate
[And it does give me real pleasure to be able to say that this tweet won @TiddK the Crown!]

RT @mazpowles Is there an opposite of panurgic? Because I’m available if they need someone to pose for the definition.

RT @harrarp The new platonic calculator will tell you exactly how many demiurges it takes to make a panurgic total.

RT @bookdreamer Picnic Woods – The Teddy bears revenge. A Panurgic Production – specialists in fear #artwiculate

For purely selfish reasons, I’m closing with this one by @Ysabeluna …

RT @Ysabeluna \he’s pedantic \a bit idiosyncratic \yes, he’s panurgic \his verses prosaic & poetic \they turn me oneiric \ #artwiculate #gogyohka

My reason: pedantic, idiosyncratic, prosaic yet (would be) poetic, panurgic. Well it could be me! And yet “he” still makes her dreamy. Can’t be bad, eh? 🙂

There you go! 26 artwicutweets, but I could have included so many more. Still, an improvement on the last occasion.

This time out, I don’t see any new faces, so my special greetings go out to you ALL. It was a fun word and it was a pleasure reading all your tweets. Now there’s “about 3 hours left” to tweet and vote so … go to it!

Handing back to @TheSupercargo.

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