Pedantic – Artwiculate round up from 30 April 2010

(Tweeting as @TSupercargo)

Pedantic: Giving overmuch importance to narrow or insignificant details and formal rules esp of grammar; showing off learning, especially useless learning, at length; behaving like a pedant.

There is clearly something very attractive about the Word of ToDay. With “about 3 hours left to tweet” there are 21 pages.

I stopped collecting at 20 pages and 4 hours left, but there were some good ones among the last few, so I’m guessing I’ll have missed more.

It can’t be helped. In honour of the volume of rather good tweets, I have raised my twitter RT limit to 30 (and I actually “liked” 118).

So, without further ado, let’s start with some ever-so-slightly skewed definitions.

RT @Awdures The fact that I’m mentally correcting your grammar does not mean I’m a pedantic person…

RT @tgunnars The psychiatrist diagnosed Brad with pedantic schizophrenia, because he not only hears voices, he also corrects their grammar.

RT @Anamuk If I’m pedantic sleeping under my desk IS being at work

RT @kings_indian pedantic demagoguery – the devil is in the details.

Those were my favourites of quite a good lot more.

But the biggest single catagory among my short list seems to be not definitions so much as illustrations of the word.

RT @BurningHawk1969 It’s a fine line between pedantic and obsessive-compulsive, and I tend to walk it. #artwiculate

RT @marcosarroyos You’re so pedantic you probly think this tweet is about you. Pro-ba-bly, it’s THREE syllables! THREE not two.

RT @TiddK The pedantic bird gets the phylum annelida (lumbricus terrestris)

RT @BewareTheFly I don’t want to be pedantic, but I’m not just any fly, I’m a Calliphora vomitoria.

Just some of the funny ones (there are more to come). First, though, let’s share some of the (semi-)serious tweets.

RT @jansjens learning should not be strictly pedantic. it should rather challenge the mind to trample new areas and go beyond what the rules impose.

As a teacher (of sorts) I can’t but applaud that.

RT @mazpowles There is nothing wrong with precision, but a pedantic fool confuses fact with insight, and knowledge with wisdom.
[And this was the tweet that attracted the greatest support from the pedantic artwiculati, winning @mazpowles the crown. Congratulatons, Marianne!]

RT @pn8r If I were as pedantic about the rest of my life as I am about artwiculate, I might actually be a success.

I hear you, @pn8r!

RT @Squawkingalah Issues of elision and possession bring out my pedantic streak.

Oh dear, I hope your not like @kado56 …

RT @kado56 Anti pedantic ~ Shall I dot your eyes for real ?~ How blind can you get? #haiku

@Squawkingalah @kado56 You both realise that “your” was deliberate, don’t you? He said, nervously.

RT @SJHatzi Dearest Artwiculate, omitting the nuance of “narrow knowledge” in the definition of pedantic on the site is so clever! Bravi!

Just a soupcon of sarcasm there, Silia?

RT @Tralala56 Being pedantic is when you’ve got your two feet solidy stuck in the quagmire of what you think you know.

RT @JonPowles Those who confuse pedantic correctness with truth, are those who know what the words mean, but not the music.

RT @Sally677 Nothing wrong with being pedantic. I like a man who knows how to really use his exclamation point!!

Thank you for bringing the debate down below waist level, @Sally677. (I did think about putting an exclamation that, but I refrained.)

The following really caught my fancy, though it doesn’t seem to have
attracted so many RTs.

RT @lomnoir As he leapt from the podium after his speech, Dr. Wayne C. Booth shouted, “Sic semper pedantic!”

On the poetry front, I liked these:

RT @ChrisTwitery Pedantic people – pedalling poor poetry – ‘pon primed pointed pens #haiku

RT @robinmarchesi Don’t be pedantic/Eccentric or slow, be romantic/ Just glow. #haiku #senryu #artwiculate

RT @EccleStoned making love to you ~ step by step ~ celestial, childlike, pedantic #maxku

RT @hfeaga entering stage right / long winded and pedantic / straining lucidity #haiku #senryu #artwiculate

RT @TinaNguyen pedantic as the crow / telling the world / what no one wants to hear #micropoetry #artwiculate

Didn’t know crows were pedantic. We have a lot of them round here. I’ll pay more attention in future.

But it’s time to bring ourselves back to words, which after all are the core of the Artwiculate experience.

RT @ultracutebot the loquacious & rather pedantic sesquipedalian had a tendency to spew fribble & verbal effluvium

RT @urbanascetic Journeys through trivia, pointless pedantic peregrinations #sixwords #artwiculate

RT @K_Geddings I’ll see your persnickety prude & raise you 2 pedantic fobs.

And wind up with some puns and idiom-play.

RT @PeggyKnaack Pedantic: Someone who makes ludicrous gestures about extravagant shoes #artwiculate

RT @kuiperrrr Pedro the Paso doble tutor was pedantic when it came to ped antics #artwiculate

RT @Wifsie A pedantic goldfish likes to show off his gills. #artwiculate

And finally

RT @baccatum The pedantic butcher went on and on about how to properly chop up rabbits. Really just splitting hares.

Phew! That was a catalogue of Artwiculate pedantry, to be sure. Thanks to all the Artwiculati for some wonderful word-play today.

Handing back to @TheSupercargo now.

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