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Perambulate: To walk about or through, roam, stroll, saunter, promenade, amble; To walk through in order to inspect or examine.

I ended up voting for more than 80 of today’s tweets. My short list started out at 40. The following represent my REALLY short list.

A good word and a lot of good tweets to choose from. Well, done Artwiculati!

Let’s kick off with @kings_indian’s three age description of human life. (Remember, Shakespeare could only get it down to 7 ages!)

RT @kings_indian perambulator, perambulate, perambulance!

Of course, the WOTD is a bit of a long winded way of saying “walk” so …

RT @lagadu123 Perambulate ? Think I’ll sit this one out. (You guys can push me around.)

RT @harrarp Perambulate got a new meaning when a perambulator was traded in for a stroller and my little daughter was getting ahead in life.
[And the image of Harry’s daughter in her stroller scored the votes to give @harrarp the Artwiculati’s perambulating crown.]

RT @LBY3 @artwiculate The last thing you want paramedics or an ambulance to do is perambulate.

RT @MaltaGoddess The haimish schlep, the jocund gallivant, the supercilious circumambulate and pilgrims peregrinate while the suave perambulate.

And (in something of the same spirit)

RT @ariandalen Every Bealtaine I perambulate my haimish bailiwick. #artwiculate

Bealtaine is May or the spring festival for the Gaels – but you knew that. I keep forgetting I’m not teaching class nowadays…

RT @mazpowles Mr Perambulate was not a popular teacher. He tended to use four syllables when one would do.

I fear I was once Mr Perambulate to some of my students – but that’s all behind me since I discovered artwiculate!

RT @mwartwiculate Perambulate and bloviate : walk and talk

Yes I admit it that was me too, but then …

RT @gwynethatschool Some of my students perambulate around the perimeter of knowledge and innovation. It’s a leisurely sort of a circumnavigation

Nowadays, instead of rushing off to school I rush to the comuter to discover what the WOTD is, but …

RT @baccatum In the morning, there is no perambulate before there is percolate.

Well, in my case that would be tea kettle, but the principle holds true.

Today’s word produced are really nice crop of poems. Perambulate clearly has a lovelorn quality about it.

RT @TiddK Perambulate around my heart / I’ve given you the key / And gather up each hidden part / So all the world can see / Loveshine

RT @Gardencomet I perambulate with head held high.I won’t turn back, won’t say goodbye. Love is dead. It had to die

RT @silversteelwolf Destination inchoate, my love and I perambulate.

And even when we move from the moving to the marginally cynical …

RT @aarthycrazy Trust me. My heart ache perambulate s- It just choked me when I tried to talk to her. #artwiculate #love

Sorry @aarthycrazy – you may have meant that quite sincerely. Just my own cynicism getting in the way perhaps.

But there were other themes too. Celestial navigation, for example.

RT @hfeaga giant gas planet / perambulate -s through space / dizzy in its own spin #artwiculate -s through space / dizzy in its own spin #artwiculate

Or just navigation …

RT @Squawkingalah I’d rather perambulate than navigate. The twists and turns are more interesting than the straight and narrow.

And then we had @lithiumzombie’s goldfish leaping like a salmon …

RT @lithiumzombie “What’s with all the goldfish bowls?” / “Oh, he likes to perambulate.”

From goldfish to tadpoles (mind as agile as a mountain goat, I tell you)

RT @yupius_e Go! go into hiding!/ tadpoles / elementary schoolboys perambulate in your pond #artwiculate

And would it be in appropriate to follow that with this?

RT @Wifsie RIP: My Lord Perambulate -Dead man walking #artwiculate

Probably. Quick, let’s slip in this too …

RT @ultracutebot failed song lyrics – ” Perambulate like an Egyptian” #thebangles

And don’t forget

RT @LorcanDesperado People perambulate, but cats purrambulate!

I liked @ZimmerJohn’s advice – not least because it rhymed and scanned so well.

RT @ZimmerJohn If you would be on time, not late, then you must not perambulate. You may, of course, #artwiculate, but only one, not 38!

And I want to wind up this forthright cry from @ItzQuauhtli (even if I don’t really understand it)

RT @ItzQuauhtli There’s no need to circumambulate what one can perambulate. Don’t be obstinate, gouge “I” out of poetry before its too late.

Gouge the “I” out of poetry. Yeah! Let’s do that! Erm…

Greetings to occasional player @ItzQuauhtli, and newbie @yupius_e. *waves a vigourous electronic hand*

Perambulating with the ball back to @TheSupercargo … till later, friends!

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