Persiflage (II)

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Persiflage: Light, frivolous conversation, style or treatment; friendly banter or teasing

So now we’re on to @TheSupercargo’s RT round-up for today Part Two, and I’d like to start with a crop of tongue-twisters.
[This continues from Part One: Kvetch (was Persiflage).]

RT @Squawkingalah Polly Parrot and Percy Parakeet enjoyed a spot of persiflage in the pepper tree.

RT @tWordBird What do you call a persiflage plumage propinquity-party? A mockingbird flock block-klatch.

There were a number of birds today, plumage and chirruping (I’m guilty too), but no more birds now, instead:

RT @fiberqat Pearl’s persistent persiflage made the porch painters petulant.

(And Welcome to relative new Artwiculati @fiberqat!)

RT @lomnoir Persiflage persisted at the party until the pilsner and pinot supply perished.

RT @BurningHawk1969 Percival’s persistent persiflage provoked pervasive playground punishments by predatory pugilists. #artwiculate

Let’s move on next to innuendo:

RT @Wifsie RIP – My Lady Persiflage – choked on a Maxku, if you follow my drift. #artwiculate @gardencomet

To which Max replied …

RT @MaxRaunchiness Cut the persiflage / Let’s go to my place right now / We’ll talk dirty there #maxku

But Max, don’t you find …

RT @Quatfest_Haiku Your Persiflage teasing is so appealing #artwiculate #sixwords

No? oh well, perhaps true persifl4ge is anyway more along these lines:

RT @SJHatzi Persiflage? Lady Astor: Sir, if you were my husband I’d poison your coffee. Churchill: Madam, if I were your husband I’d gladly drink it.

RT @goldenskye Their rapid-fire exchange was charged with derision, thinly disguised as persiflage.

Or perhaps …

RT @LBY3 @artwiculate Sir Persiflage sneered down at Arthur’s knights from the ramparts: “Now, go away, silly English, or I shall taunt you again!”

We did have a couple of fun definitions:

RT @osmarjardim This is easy! Persiflage is an opera in three acts by Richard Wagner.

RT @JSAbsher @TinaNguyen Persiflage–a leafy green vegetable that children hate

@JSAbsher is not an Artwculate follower – but clearly a follower of a follower. It was a nice tweet regardless.

And then there were also a couple of good malapropisms:

RT @JonPowles Me car wouldn’t start; there was water in the persiflage.

RT @harrarp I used to crave Persiflage. Since I did a brewery tour and saw how they make it I’m off it entirely.

@TiddK gave us some more poetry:

RT @TiddK I hear the banter of the rain / Its patter on my window pane / And Nature’s persiflage refrain / Makes me happy once again

And @mazpowles shared a childhood tale:

RT @mazpowles Other girls moved gracefully and glittered when they smiled. I cultivated persiflage in a desperate effort to compete.

@LorcanDesperado had a surreal problem:

RT @LorcanDesperado Excess persiflage ~ can put me in a barrel ~ beset by monkeys.

And @Elfiss, in her first Artwicu-tweet, gave us a neologisim:

RT @Elfiss Please let the adjective of persiflage be persiflaglorious. How was your meeting? Oh it was persiflaglorious really. #artwiculate

(Welcome to the game @Elfiss!)

@lithiumzombie had a twisted quote to share. (Could be Daniël was commenting on Part One of this round-up. Not sure.)

RT @lithiumzombie Persiflage – All words are equal, but some words are more equal than others.

And finally to my favourite puns and idiom-play for today:

RT @ariandalen Do bees engage in persiflage? They do dance around a topic. #artwiculate

RT @navinsasikumar ‘What does a farmer do when he hears persiflage? He threshes the chaff

RT @dmriver The butt of the joke is where persiflage gets ugly.

RT @bwlightning Persiflage before… & then happily ever banter.

Happily ever banter – that seems as good a place as any to wind up today’s round-up Handing back to @TheSupercargo. Till next time!
[Nice to see both these tweets of @bwlightning and @dmriver placed in the top 5 with 68 and 67 points respectively.]

[The above continues from Part One: Kvetch (was Persiflage).]
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