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Phenakism: Deception; trickery.

Greetings, Artwiculati! @TheSupercargo and his doppleganger are ready with another RT round-up – and this is no phenakism! This was clearly a word that struck a chord with many of us – with 13 pages of tweets and 3 hours left to go.

Mind you, it’s such an obscure word some of us were less than charmed. But while some (@TheSupercargo, for one) just moaned others used it appropriately. Viz:

RT @JonPowles Phenakism? You’re pulling my leg.

Humour and humorous illustrations were in my opinion more successful with this word. There was a raft to enjoy.

RT @TiddK At Phenakism Inc., the deceptionist always smiles sweetly at you and says “Mr Brown will see you in a moment”. #artwiculate

Loved “deceptionist” @TiddK!

RT @mazpowles Dear Ms Powles, Please excuse Delilah from the Maths test. She is suffering from a severe case of phenakism. Signed, my mum.

Bad judgement, Delilah! An English teacher might ALMOST let you off for that … but never a Maths teacher.

RT @Tralala56 As the train entered Phenakism, the passengers took out their decks of cards and started playing “Cheat”!

(And all the decks of cards were marked, of course.)

RT @twilobite22 The spy’s phenakism was so advanced, no one knew if he or she was a double or triple agent. #artwiculate

(And the spy him/her self was not 100% sure either.)

RT @californiakara Phenakism? I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

(Did you hear the one about the American who bought London Bridge under the impression he was getting Tower Bridge?)

RT @marcosarroyos Ancient used boat sales techinques : Phoenician phenakism

RT @lexiconehead If it smacks of phenakism, it’s a serial cereal ad campaign.

We really don’t like salespeople, do we?

Cheating partners come in for their share of the stick too.

RT @essence_me I did not mean to cheat on you, I suffer from Phenakism, 1 in 56 men suffer from it, they even have a support group: Tricks of Trade

I read @essence_me’s tweet & it coloured my view of the sincerity of @I2Haiku’s speaker in the next. See if it does the same to you.

RT @I2Haiku Please forgive my phenakism / I was afraid / if you knew / how I really felt / I’d never see you again #artwiculate #gogyohka

Setting those two against one another is just mean, I know. Here are some more uses that are more rather than less serious.

RT @chemingineer Life – God’s Phenakism. #artwiculate

RT @rafat4d A castle of sand named ‘trust’ / A tsunami named ‘Phenakism.

RT @sanmeera In Hinduism, it’s Maya. In phenakism, it’s trickery. #artwiculate

Last I looked no one had RT’d that tweet by @sanmeera. A pity. It’s a nice juxtaposition of -isms and a clever way of defining Maya.

Here’s another, very different, nice use of the -ism in the WOTD.

RT @the7minutestar Communism, Capitalism, Phenakism. #artwiculate

@SJHatzi took up my challenge to use as many earlier WOTDs as possible in a tweet and produced this fine definition of the WOTD.

RT @SJHatzi Phenakism: Odious, glib, ignoble, clancular, nefarious, noisome, pusillanimous, mercenary, vulpine, furtive, obdurate poltroons & caitiffs.

Wow, Fourteen WOTDs! It doesn’t beat my own 16 though. (*modestly polishing his fingernails*) Can anyone do better?! 🙂

I’ll pair @SJHatzi’s with @lagadu123’s now

RT @lagadu123 Phenakism: sounds hollow, tastes of humbug, looks like flannel, feels phony, smells of rat.

A lovely series of appropriate idioms – and all the five senses too.

@mortythemouth gave us a great tongue-twister, which I’ve been trying to read aloud today – attracting some curious gazes as a consequence.

RT @mortythemouth Politicians practice phenakism,packing panelists polls,pampering poor people,passing pamphlets,panhandling prophet philosophy. #Artwiculate

And still on the edge of Alliteration Fields, here’s a game reference to an earlier WOTD

RT @19ish Phirst Phenakism: Eden’s Anguine Asp #artwiculate

A visit to an alternative history next with @harrarp

RT @harrarp Early cinema! Phenakism: The phenakitoscope was designed by Yannis Z. Phenakis.

And while in tinsle town

RT @Wifsie RIP: The Phenakism twins – Liar, Liar. #articulate #movies

From the Movies to Nursery Tales now …

RT @kado56 “Oh Grandma – thought you could outfox us with THOSE ears!!” “Humph, this fennecism is not all it pretends” # phenakism

(I had to Google fennecism. You can too!)

Here’s great pun from @amanuel187 that seems to fit in with @kado56’s foxy tweet.

RT @amanuel187 Phenakism? All the wile.

@dsceiorg shared some WOTD rhymes.

RT @dsceiorg Phenakism / Cataclysm / Masochism / Catechism / Rhymes for my sex life #gogyohka #artwiculate

How often do you hear about phrenology? @FrankSiddarta made the connection, and I rather think he coined a new word along the way.

RT @FrankSiddarta I knew that phrenology was phenakism – I should never have let that phrenakist take a slice out of my skull.

RT @rascality The presenter at a behavioral neuroscience conference did not disclose his Freudian training; it was his private phenakism. #artwiculate

I love the idea of that Freudian presenter hugging his secret identity to himself.

My final tweet comes from @helacious. I think it’s really very clever.

RT @helacious The Phenomenology of Phenakism: it is what it appears to be, even when it is not.

There you have it. Another bumper haul of 26 brilliant tweets from the weird and wonderful collection of minds who play Artwiculate.

Greetings to @the7minutestar who has just joined the ranks of the Artwiculati. Greetings also to @sanmeera who has been playing a while, but now debuts in the Rt round-up. And a big “G’day” to @JonPowles, who I’ve not seen for awhile.

That’s all I have for you this time around, good people. Hope you enjoyed it. Handing back to @TheSupercargo now.

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