Polymath – Artwiculate round up from 24 April 2010

(Tweeting as @TSupercargo)

Polymath: A person of great and varied learning

Is there time for @TheSupercargo’s polymath alter ego to get an RT round-up in before the final bell? Let’s see!

Today’s WOTD inspired a huge number of tweets referencing parrots and mathematics – often in the same tweet. I wonder why? 🙂 In truth …

RT @tWordBird Only a polymath would know that it has nothing to do with math or Polly. A polymath, OR perhaps an Artwiculati! 🙂

And that is all the Polly Maths you’re going to get from me. Here a couple of tweets that came closer to home.

RT @ajeanne Dividing up the check after dinner definitely required polymath.

Anyone who’s ever “gone Dutch” with a couple of Swedes, a Finn & an Englishman in a Brussles restaurant (as I have) will recognise the truth of that one!

RT @LBY3 @artwiculate I call myself a polymath; my wife just says I have a head full of useless crap

Yes. I don’t think that needs any further elucidation, do you? How about some education instead?

RT @mazpowles I was away the day they did polymath at my school.

RT @harrarp I got kicked out of school for selling polymath to first graders. The first one to put two and two together ratted on me

What makes a polymath? Is it a psychological quirk?

RT @lagadu123 You think your kid’s gifted ? My daughter’s a polymath – and she doesn’t even have Asperger’s.

Or perhaps it has to do with the address where you grow up?

RT @PeggyKnaack We lived on a street in Chicago that was named after a German polymath, but I don’t think that made me any smarter… #artwiculate

Mnah. Maybe not. Besides being a polymath isn’t all a bed of roses. What kind of a social life do you think they have?

RT @TiddK Polymath walks into a bar. Barman: “I’m sorry sir, I can’t serve you – you’ve had too much to think”. #artwiculate
[And with this tweet @TiddK took the Artwiculate crown.]
RT @Anamuk One of the perils of being a polymath is not being able to have a quiet drink on quiz night

Of course …

RT @LorcanDesperado But a polymath need not be omniscient…that would be a know-it-all !

And even polymaths have their shortcomings.

RT @celticgladiator Polymath yet myopic, I failed to see the forest for the trees.

RT @MinDavidWilson The polygamous polymath should have known it’s hard enough to please just one wife. #artwiculate

RT @marcosarroyos According to North Korean propaganda, Kim Jong Il is a polymath. But, he’s still a short little fart with platform shoes.

But we can all agree about the heroic status of one shining example:

RT @baccatum Leonardo: a true polymath, excelling in both painting and sciences. He even mastered being a Ninja Turtle while still in his teens…

Did you know …

RT @lithiumzombie You can now buy ‘smart socks’: they’re 25% polymath

If you did, then, heavens! perhaps YOU’re a polymath.

RT @Gardencomet I know about polyanthus, Polyphemus and polyandry – I’m a polymath

RT @Sally677 You’re such a polymath, you probably think this polynomial equation is about you. Don’t you? Don’t you?

RT @MaryJenkins An herb-loving, eco-conscious polymath would be quite sage. #puntotallyintended #artwiculate

RT @lippy73 Here’s how to tell if you’re a polymath…Oh, wait – you already know that! #artwiculate

Of course, if you ARE a polymath then Artwiculate is a breeze and you’ll probably be able to cleverly re-use past WOTDs as well.

RT @catmar604 Zak the polygraph interpreter: “Are you a polymath?” Her surreptitious response: “Um, yes.” Zak: “Sciolistic liar!”

And still make witty references to popular culture …

RT @navinsasikumar Pixar’s polymath? Brain-E

RT @Krafti_kit “Dr. McCoy, please tell me the meaning of life.” “Dammit, Jim. I’m a doctor, not a polymath.” #artwiculate

RT @Wifsie RIP: My Lady Polymath – The Woman Who Knew Too Much. #artwiculate #hitchcock

You can spend hours creating #anagrampoetry

RT @DrMobs A shy owlish empathy/Ho, thy shapely swami!/She’s hot. Ply him away!/She may thaw his ploy/Why, is she a polymath ?#anagrampoetry

And even craft haikus.

RT @beezknez Found under a floor / board, wrapped in tissue, the worlds / last polymath tear / #haiku #poetry

That about rounds it up. Thank you for your attention, and may the most popular tweet win. (I predict it will – I must be a polymath!)

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