Progress of a sort

This page is very much under re-construction. If you are looking for my photos try going here and if you want to follow me on Twitter, look here.

Spent a good part of today tweaking Atahualpa to make it reminiscent of my previous homepage. Added the favicon and SC seal and created an interim header image. Still can’t make the headings in the columns to either side of this – or the titles – show the colours I want, but I keep hoping. Quite pleased with what I’ve achieved so far.

1 thought on “Progress of a sort”

  1. Hi there

    I like your header image and flavicon!
    I would deleate the blogroll or put something more interesting there.
    How did you manage to get the stuff under “meta” go away (I have four things under meta).

    I think you have managed a lot of things! Looking good!

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