Ransom note


Icelandic-ish ransom note
Icelandic-ish ransom note
This ransom note (right) seems to have been circulating around Scandinavian Internet sites for a while. I thought I’d help things along with a slightly Englished version.

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    • Yes indeed! It’s still shooting out ash, though for a period not as high up in the air as before (and the wind was blowing it away towards America). Now it looks like we might be moving back to closed skies over parts of Europe again. Of course, there’s an even bigger worry: Katla. This is another volcano a little north and east of the one under Eyjafjallajökull. It’s bigger and has in the past had some very violent outbursts.

      Here’s the President of Iceland Olafur Grimsson saying the current eruption is only a “small rehearsal” for Katla: BBC Newsnight 20th April

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