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Replete: (often followed by ‘with’) Copiously supplied with, abounding in; completely satisfied, gorged, filled to the point of bursting, satiated

Greetings, Artwiculati! Here is the resident of @TheSupercargo’s back-brain to bring you an round-up replete with “replete”.

Unusually, I found on investigation that my initial shortlist contained very few double tweets from the same keyboards.

A couple or three tweets by @sevenofdays and @emmaexpress ad the odd extra tweet from the likes of @BurningHawk1969 and @Schnicka but on the whole each tweet I picked blind turned out to be by a different author.

Consequently it feels right to share as many off the list as I can – so here come no less than thirty!

Personally, I found the Word of Today minimally inspiring, despite recognising myself in this tweet from @sevenofdays

RT @sevenofdays #Artwiculate is replete, with the wannabe literary elite.

To judge by some of the Artwicutweets, I wasn’t alone in being less than thrilled. I’m not re-tweeting any wailings about the word that do nothing more than wail. But how about these ‘complaints’? First from @Schnicka

RT @Schnicka Artwiculate’s choice of words this week are NOT replete with Christmas spirit… #artwiculate

True – a disappointment by comparison with last year I think. @TiddK was on a similar wavelength with this

RT @TiddK Give us a break, Artwiculate! Replete, already? I haven’t even bought the turkey yet.. #artwiculate

But there always seem to be people with a contrary opinion. @sthcrft, for example

RT @sthcrft If the in-laws keep this up I will be the size of a hippo by the end of the week. Is it ironic that today’s artwiculate is ‘replete’?

@mazpowles is in a similar situation – or imagines herself to be so to give us this play on the definition of the WOTD

RT @mazpowles Replete? Enough already!

And @osmarjardim twisted another idiom

RT @osmarjardim I´m fed up with replete.

while @soarski shared this little rhyme

RT @soarski The repast is complete, I’m feeling replete, then someone asks whether a little Jello-O would be surfeit. I say what color?

Dinner was served in the Artwicutrain’s dining car; @emmaexpress reported

RT @emmaexpress The artwiculate train was full when it left Replete. Next stop Belch.

And at the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, @TOCSY1 was suffering

RT @TOCSY1 Another night at the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. And I sprawl in my booth, a replete offender.

@markreeves did the only thing one can ever do under the circumstances

RT @markreeves When I hear the word replete I reach for my gut

while @bumfuzzled2004 retorted

RT @bumfuzzled2004 you say I’m fat. I’m not fat. my pants are replete #artwiculate

and @Squawkingalah’s Mother Troll carried on with the work that is never done

RT @Squawkingalah The tiny troglodyte burped, replete. Mother swung her breasts back over her shoulders and began the vacuuming.

Perhaps she should take some advice from @MaltaGoddess?

RT @MaltaGoddess No woman’s wardrobe is replete without the requisite corsets, chéries. Six. That’s right: six.

Although to be sure, I didn’t see @MaltaGoddess having anything to say about bras … Still on the subject of clothes, here’s @runheidi

RT @runheidi My closet’s replete w/ clothes, and yet I have nothing to wear. Being a woman ain’t easy, but whoever said life was fair? #artwiculate

It’s not just the women who have clothing difficulties though. @languagenhumor reminded us of Ian the Scotsman

RT @languagenhumor Old Ian the Scotsman could eat/And always surpassed mere replete/He couldn’t say nae/So his tailor he’d pay/To give all his kilts a repleat

And @LorcanDesperado told us of Father Ted

RT @LorcanDesperado Father Ted is back from Italy and is replete with reet pleats, sable drapes, and gangsta shoulders, looking sabbatarian. #lqw

On a completely different tack, @Doc_Harding shared a grammatical perspective I particularly liked

RT @Doc_Harding If it were a verb, replete would be full of passion. “Come, replete me!”

From one lover to another, that’s how I read this from @I2Haiku

RT @I2Haiku You replete me. #Artwiculate

And @shakwrites gave us a poem that fits nicely here and feels very seasonal for those of us living at the chillier end of the northern hemisphere.

RT @shakwrites He cycles hard/Past slippery roads,frozen lakes/Holding his I LOVE YOU card/His heart now replete with a million snowflakes. #artwiculate

But, before we get too mushy, lets have this one from @JonPowles

RT @JonPowles The sequel to “Eat, Pray, Love” is out. It’s called “Replete, Cynical, Pregnant”.

The overlapping WOTD from @Loqwacious was Pasha which appeared in more than one fine tweet. This from @Anamuk for example

RT @Anamuk The pasha reclines, replete with pleasure taken in his seraglio

And down in the dungeon, this too, from @dsceiorg

RT @dsceiorg Perdiccas, make sure Pasha’s accommodations are replete with amenities. “Yes, sir, one rack and one iron maiden.” #artwiculate #lqw

But I want to wrench you back to the serious side for a few more tweets.

Both @lagadu123 and @SJHatzi gave us some very nice definitions. What is rep1ete?

RT @SJHatzi Replete is not having what one wants but, rather, wanting what one has.
[And this was a definition that clearly struck a chord with many, garnering Silia another crown!]

RT @lagadu123 Replete: the moment just before the cup runneth over.

Back to that winter theme for this poem from @ariandalen

RT @ariandalen Even in winter ~ Dawn comes far too early ~ I’m replete with sleep. #artwiculate #senryu

@BurningHawk1969 is in another part of the world, or in a summer of the mind perhaps

RT @BurningHawk1969 Replete with sunlight, / Saturated by the sky / I glow in your arms. #Haiku #Artwiculate

And in the desert, @marcosarroyos struggled on with that damn horse

RT @marcosarroyos Rain in the desert came replete with a nameless horse, but I was glad to be out of it.

Let’s wind up with @rafat4d on the subject of the Fail Whale

RT @rafat4d Tiny birds and a giant whale~every action tends to fail~when twitter is replete~head to tale. #artwiculate

@ZachTMartin with an eternal truth I think many of us will recognise

RT @ZachTMartin After Thanksgiving I am replete, but after Christmas I am insolvent.

And after all that, @amanuel187, I’m feeling replete!

RT @amanuel187 replete? you’re full of it. #artwiculate

Um …

Special greetings to @sthcrft & @markreeves who appear to be new to the game!

Special greetings also to @shakwrites, who is new to the round-up, and to @ZachTMartin who I’ve not seen around since April.

That’s it, folks! Thank you all for some fun uses of the WOTD. Handing you back to @TheSupercargo. Byeee!

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