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Rhetoric: the art of using language, especially public speaking, as a means to persuade; Meaningless language with an exaggerated style intended to impress

Good evening, good people. (It’s evening again from my horizon.) And welcome to another RT round-up from @TheSupercargo’s alter ego.

Today we have well-nigh drowned in a sea of tweets masquerading as political rhetoric.

Still, I am pleased to be able to share a few pearls gleaned from the stream.

Not surprisingly, a good many tweets today commented on the OTHERs …

RT @chemingineer #artwiculate will be full of rhetoric and very little substance today.

Oh yes, @chemingineer, it certainly was!

A closer study of some of the non-Artwiculate (in some cases in-Articulate) tweets caused me to nod sagely at @19ish’s tweet.

RT @19ish When I use rhetoric, it’s scintillating & intelligent. When YOU use rhetoric, it’s bombastic bloviation! See the diff? #artwiculate

And @Calum_MacDonald put an ironic finger on a perspective that seemed to unite political tweeters of every pursuasion.

RT @Calum_MacDonald It may be Rhetoric but I mean every word #artwiculate

(Irony is a rhetorical trope BTW) Rhetoric in political mudslinging seems more a word of accusation than what Wikipedia describes as “the art of using language to communicate effectively & persuasively.” Sort of like:

RT @kado56 Hang out your dirty linen, oh loudmouths, display your rhetoric, grimy and dripping, mangled beyond recognition and hope to impress?


RT @wes_james My rhetoric is as follows: I utilize gargantuan idioms to fabricate intelligence. #artwiculate

Or indeed:

RT @nestersan One drop phenakism, two drops idealism, a pinch of melodrama, a cup of zeal, filter with lamprophony and you get pure distilled rhetoric

The second major focus of today’s Artwiculate tweets was the art of rhetoric itself.

One Big Name rhetorician was Demosthenes, he who spoke around pebbles to improve his diction – something @alex_auron found a tad ironic.

RT @alex_auron Demosthenes is my name; rhetoric is my life; how ironic then that I can’t even pronounce it!Now where did I put those pebbles? #artwiculate

@helacious (who had a another really good day in my opinion) gave this fine illustrative example of a rhet0rical phrase.

RT @helacious I have mastered rhetoric, so that it will not master me/And there you have an example of antimetabole!

And @rascality gave us another:

RT @rascality In love no less than in rhetoric, aposiopesis is simply bad manners. #artwiculate

@mazpowles suggested some rules for rhet0ric – not entirely tongue in cheek I think. May favourite was the third.

RT @mazpowles 3rd rule of rhetoric – if you can’t think of anything to say come up with a list of 3.

Three important aspects of rhet0ric appeared in two tweets. One from @JonPowles

RT @JonPowles The three musketeers of rhetoric were Logos, Ethos and Pathos. Hopeless fencers, but jeez they could talk a good sword fight

The other from @the7minutestar

RT @the7minutestar Rhetoric had 3 children: Ethos, the charismatic leader. Logos who loved to argue. Pathos, the emotional girl. #artwiculate

And Logic also made a solo appearance in @pn8r’s tweet here:

RT @pn8r And they’re off! Rhetoric, the reigning champ, has a commanding lead… but in a stunning turn of events, Logic actually wins for once!

I think @MaltaGoddess’s rhetorical question deserves a place here too.

RT @MaltaGoddess What part of spare me your jeremiad & miasmatic rhetoric transgressing upon my haecceity & omphaloskepsis do you not understand?

My one attempt at a tweet today played on the sound similarity of the WOTD with Rhett Butler from Gone With The Wind.

I was not the only one.

RT @soarski Scarlett: Rhett… if you go, where shall I go, what shall I do? Rhetoric Butler: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.


RT @dsceiorg Perdiccas, the prisoner is trying to fool us with rhetoric. “I love Clark Gable, but that won’t work on me.” #artwiculate

@twilobite22 gave us some appropriate anagrams

RT @twilobite22 Is a person spewing rhetoric a hot crier? Or one who can torch ire? #anagramX2

And @I2Haiku was talked into an expensive date

RT @I2Haiku Ms Rhetoric took me to a fancy French restaurant; I didn’t want to go, but she talked me into it. #Artwiculate

A number of non-players today seemed to be suffering from boring teaching. Their pain was felt by @LorcanDesperado

RT @LorcanDesperado Many of us drift off into woolgathering while listening to lengthy and monotonous rhetoric. #artwiculate

@cyberbonn took us to heaven

RT @cyberbonn There is no rhetoric at the pearly gates, just a pithy “Welcome!!!” #artwiculate

@Tralala56 shared the skeleton of a new reality show – one I’d like to see

RT @Tralala56 Rhetoric – the new reality show: 6 handsome men must use their linguistic powers of persuasion to win the heart of a gorgeous redhead.

And @dmriver made use of another rhetorical trope

RT @dmriver Is a missing shoe punctuation for limp rhetoric?

I’ll wind up with four (and a half) poems of increasing seriousness. The half is a twisted quote from @mortythemouth

RT @mortythemouth Words to the left of me,phrases to the right,stuck in the middle with rhetoric. #Artwiculate

I wonder who @runheidi can be talking about in this?

RT @runheidi As you listen to her rhetoric, consider yourself warned. The woman may seem human, but ‘neath the coif she’s horned. #artwiculate

@beezknez shared this evocative if rather sombre image

RT @beezknez You have gone to far ~ to be heard ~ there is only ~ the wear and tear ~ of your rhetoric ~ like a worn out welcome mat

To finish, two love poems. The first from @bookdreamer

RT @bookdreamer What words, what rhetoric, what sounds could capture the music of your walk, the honey of your lips, the fire of your eyes. #artwiculate

And from @TiddK

RT @TiddK Your rhetoric falls on deaf ears / Smooth words do not impress me / But when you kiss away my tears / That’s when I melt : caress me!

And that’s another round-up done and dusted!

Greetings to Artwiculate newcomer @wes_james, relative newcomer @alex_auron and established player but new to the round-up @nestersan

And a big Welcome back, mate! to @dmriver who has been sidetracked from the game by real life. (It rained – he’s been farming.)

That’s yer lot! About 2 hours left to tweet – and vote. Go to it, good Artwiculati! Handing back to @TheSupercargo now.
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