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Ribaldry: Ribald language or behaviour (from ribald: coarse, obscene in humorous or mocking way).
Greetings, Artwiculati, and Welcome to the last of my fairly regular RT round-ups. Yes, this isn’t Ribaldry, I’m taking a summer break!

Not to say there won’t be any round-ups this summer, especially if Wanda comes to stay, but they will be more the exception than the rule.

It’s been an enjoyable but demanding hobby. I started on 1st April and I’ve averaged 6 round-ups in every 8 days since then.

As May draws to an end, technical problems aside, it’s been getting increasingly difficult to find the time.

I could hobble along, but I think it’s better to make a clean break now (and maybe come back refreshed in the autumn).

It’s good to go out on fun word though, and the WOTD has generated a number of amusing tweets, though, to be sure some were less enthusiastic.

RT @agezoko Ribaldry is not sexy. It is merely obscene. #artwiculate

“Merely obscene” @agezoko? I think there have been nuances today – as I hope my choices coming up will demonstrate. Tho I can agree …

RT @treesahquiche I never know how to take ribaldry with people I don’t know that well: is it satire or misogyny made socially acceptable in a cloak of humor?

Still, I’m more in tune with …

RT @mazpowles ribaldry: More fun to demonstrate than define.

And a little warning as regards some of the rest …

RT @lawyergirl3 Contains adult material – Rated R for Ribaldry.

RT @tinanguyen When Poetry met Ribaldry they wrote dirty limericks. #artwiculate

Um, yeees. That’s what I’d have thought too, @tinanguyen, but it seems the 140 word limit cramped the limerick writers’ style.

There were far fewer limericks than I expected. @Schnicka had a go …

RT @Schnicka I knew a lass called Audrey who was partial 2 ribaldry her jokes r shockers shes got big knockers & works @ Club Tawdry & Bawdy #artwiculate

Not the greatest scansion, but full marks for trying, @Schnicka!

Most of the dirty poems were quatrains (and most of them came from Australia – hmmm)

RT @JonPowles There was a horny Englishman/who loved his river punt/with ribaldry he took the girls/and poled them up the Thames

There were more – many more – along those lines. Let that stand for the rest 🙂

STOP PRESS I just have to interrupt my script to insert one more RT …

RT @MaxRaunchiness The was a horny Strailian / Whose ribaldry was coarse / He visited a farmer / And “compromised” his horse @JonPowles

Here are a couple of quatrains I liked by other hands:

RT @TiddK Mary had a little lamb; she also had a bear; I HAVE seen her lamb . #ribaldry #Tiddku #SupplyYourOwnPunchline

RT @lomnoir Roses are red/ Violets are blue/ When ribaldry is used/ The jokes are too.

And one Gogyohka:

RT @marcosarroyos The donkey tried~to increase his popularity~by telling tales of ribaldry~but it made him~look like an ass #gogyohka

Moving away from poetry, here are some other ribald observations that took my fancy. Animal:

RT @kado56 The maid and the unicorn. Her mind crammed with pure thoughts there isn’t room for ribaldry. The unicorn on the other hand…

RT @honeygloom Fat feline ribaldry: I can lick mine, bet you can’t reach yours…


RT @greenandorganic Vegetable Ribaldry ~ Customer: Can I have your cherry? Are you sure it’s organic? #artwiculate #WOTD #Ribaldry

RT @DarkHaikuMoon At the Ribaldry Fresh Produce and Chicken Markets I always ask that cute assistant if she has a nice pair of breasts for me. And she does!


RT @ariandalen Prandial ribaldry: butt roast, sausage, tongue, and breasts in a cream sauce. #artwiculate

RT @Wifsie When “Andy’s Diner” became “Chez André”, the vegetable ribaldry was replaced by a ‘platter of crudités’ .


RT @tgunnars The psychiatrist diagnosed Troy with schizophrenic ribaldry, because all the voices in his head tell dirty jokes.


RT @dmriver Ribaldry is rampant on my goat of arms.


RT @harrarp The folks that boarded the train at Prandial blamed the excess of after dinner alcoholic beverages for the lewd ride to Ribaldry

RT @MaryJenkins Ribaldry walked up to the bar and ordered a double entendre cocktail. Straight up. #SalonArtwois

RT @nkyadav Welcome to the Middle Ages, when revelry often led to drunkenness and was usually followed by the ribaldry of bards. #Artwiculate


RT @smeedha The comic’s ribaldry went unnoticed as the lewd-speaker suddenly stopped working.

RT @soarski Ribaldry: what’s so humorous or lewd about bald or dry? Okay, maybe bald.

RT @dsceiorg Raucous / Intelligent / Base / #Artwiculate / Lecherous / Dastardly / Ridiculous / Yarns #ribaldry #acrostic


RT @DaveCurry Rare ribaldry? Once in a blue moon.


RT @baccatum My ribaldry left a while ago. I think it took my lava lamp with it.

And finally saponaceous:

RT @tWordBird RIP Little Lord Ribaldry – He succumbed to the surplus of soap from his mum’s many mouth-washings.

And that’s where I’m going to draw the line. I hope you have enjoyed today’s round-up. There won’t be another for a few days at least but I am planning a grand round-up of round-ups for Salon Artwois. For now, though, winding up and handing off to @TheSupercargo.

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