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Rules of Engagement

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My principle home on the Internet is here at If you are reading this, this is where you are!

Please look around!

I’ve put a lot of effort into this site, and I continue to work on it and add to it. It is a showcase for my talents and a place to store some of the things I have created that I’m particularly pleased with.

It is also a place to direct people to – friends and acquaintances, possible co-operators or business partners, potential commissioners or employers.

I am delighted to read comments on any of my posts, and will always respond. Spam, however, I shall ruthlessly erase (where I can’t use it or make fun of it). Spammers beware!

If you want to contact me directly without commenting on a particlar post, click on ‘Contact’ in the bar at the very top of every page on the site.

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Rules of engagement


Currently, Twitter is my social network of preference. This link will take you to my Twitter profile page. I tweet more or less on a daily basis and interact with many of my followers and follow them back.

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TheSupercargo's Twitter Profile pictureI use Twitter also to play wordgames (especially Artwiculate and Loqwacious), to share pictures and news items that interest me, and to pass on information about newly published posts on

I’m always happy to see people following me on Twitter, though I confess that I rarely choose to initiate a follow myself.

I have a routine for new followers. I visit your profile page, read some of your recent tweets, look at the networks you belong to and what your interests are. If your profile includes a link to a homepage en claire I will follow the link. (I don’t follow homepage links that are abbreviated by URL compression software though. Found myself on too many porn sites doing that!)

If I think you look like you’re a real person, and if you seem to be tweeting about things that interest me, I will follow you back. I follow very few accounts (I try to keep below 20 accounts) who do not follow me, and I check regularly to see if anyone I’m following has “unfollowed” me – especially someone I’ve recently started to follow myself.

I don’t have thousands of followers nor do I follow thousands of people, but almost all the people I do follow are real people. That’s the way I like it. 🙂

If you want to get my attention on Twitter, mention my handle (@thesupercargo) in a tweet, retweet something I’ve posted or, if I’m already following you, send me a Direct Message. I will always respond.

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I don’t spend much time on Facebook, though that may be changing now. I tend to check-in once or twice a week and usually scan through the most recent news items that come up. Sometimes I comment.

I try to selectively update my Facebook status by way of my Twitter stream a little more frequently than I drop in.

Of course, I see all “likes” and all comments that people pass on my status updates, and I usually respond to comments. I don’t usually accept invitations to “like” or support groups, and I never (nowadays) accept invitations to play games. I’m a bit of a boring Facebook Friend, truth to tell. 🙂

Generally speaking, I accept as Faceboook Friends only people I’ve met In Real Life, though I make exceptions for family members and some people I’ve got to know through other social sites. For me, Facebook is a kind of reserve contact net. A lot of Swedes (especially former students) are on Facebook, so it makes sense for me to have a presence there too, but I don’t trust Facebook. I don’t like the way they lay claim to so much that one publishes there, or the way they impose vast quantities of advertising on you.

If you want to find me on Facebook, go here.

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I use LinkedIn as my preferred social network for work-related contacts. Most people I am in contact with on LinkedIn are people that I have, or have had, or hope to have professional contact with in the worlds of:

  • education and training
  • writing and publishing
  • photography and recording

Within these parameters, I am happy to exchange LinkedIn links with anyone who wants to exchange them with me.

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I have a very small Skpe network, and haven’t really decided how to use it or whether to develop it. You can help me to make up my mind by asking to join my contact net if you like. To find me you’ll need to have Skype installed on your computer. Type my username (thesupercargo) into the search field. That’s my profile!

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Ipernity is a social and file sharing site like a cross between Flickr and MySpace, based in France. For a period just after Yahoo acquired Flickr and started imposing a draconian programme of censorship, and in 2008/2009, Ipernity was very important to me as a photo-social network. I’ve been an unsocial member of Ipernity for rather a long time now, though there are still masses of my photographs posted there. If you are on Ipernity and you want to join my network, just ask. You’ll find me here – and I’ll be happy to include you.

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My YouTube channel I use principally to post my Scrimshaws – videos I have made on various subjects. I enjoy making these little films, but they take a lot of time and effort. I don’t make them very often.

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I have an account on FriendFeed principally in order to post news links on Twitter.

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Observing Gothenburg is my blog spot on Blogger. It’s a very occasionally updated blog with pictures and comments about Gothenburg and the Swedish west coast. I started it five or six years ago and was quite active there for awhile, but no longer. I keep it because I sometimes write things about local issues that don’t seem appropriate for

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Friends Reunited

I am on Friends Reunited, but make very little use of it. In origin Friends Reunited is a British social network and is biggest still in Britain and the Commonwealth. It got started as a way for people to reunite with old school friends, but the truth is it doesn’t just link you up with old school friends. It also reunites you with people from your schooldays you would much prefer never to have to meet again. And, sadly, it also reunites you with people you have completely forgotten, but who remember you (as you were when you were 12 or 15 or whatever).

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I had a brief period of activity on Flickr (for about 18 months), and some of my pictures are still there. I abandoned the site when they sold out to Yahoo and that company started to impliment a programme of censorship on its non-English language services. The dust seems to have settled on that now, so I’m toying with the idea of rejoining Flickr simply because it is the largest Internet photo-sharing site.

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I have a MySpace site – but I can’t for the life of me remember what there is there. Probably nothing. It’s not a site I pay much attention to.

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Once upon a time I had an ICQ number … damned if I can remember it now.

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