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Selcouth : (obsolete) Strange, unusual, rare; marvellous, wondrous.

Greeting’s Artwiculati and welcome to what will probably the last RT round-up of 2010. Which gives me a good reason to start by retweeting @shivanishah’s greeting …

RT @shivanishah @artwiculate A Selcouth New Year to all the Artwiculati!

… and following it up with @Ameeee’s words of praise for our game

RT @Ameeee Selcouth doesn’t even begin to describe how wonderful this game is.

Today’s word was a perfect example of itself – and of @osmarjardim, obviously

RT @osmarjardim Selcouth. Yes, we are! Here: Strange, unusual, rare; marvellous, wondrous…

I believe @osmarjardim is speaking not (merely) of himself, but also of everyone of us who plays the game.

Of course, as @LorcanDesperado reminds us

RT @LorcanDesperado Selcouth was the sort of man you would not see every day.

But no doubt he was as @mashulya_prilly describes him

RT @mashulya_prilly Too wild to live, too selcouth to die…

If people in general can be selcouth then why not youths? Both @sevenofdays and @Goleudy examined this possibility

RT @sevenofdays Today’s strong minded youth, are seldom couth. That’s why good mannered youngsters, are so selcouth. #artwiculate

RT @Goleudy Uncouth youth is not a selcouth thing, but selcouth rather is. #Artwiculate

You may have to think about @Goleudy’s – I certainly did. Here’s another thought provoking use from @SJHatzi

RT @SJHatzi The ordinary lived in an extraordinary way is selcouth.

Which I feel was an idea also illuminated in this tweet from @Anamuk

RT @Anamuk The fire and candlelight transform the quotidian to the selcouth.

Meanwhile @minibtweet chose to look on the bright side … and the even brighter side.

RT @minibtweet Every cloud has a sliver lining but a selcouth cloud belongs to dreams #Artwiculate

We had our usual share of definitions (and definitions of sorts). @bjornelvin managed to include yesterday’s WOTD too.

RT @bjornelvin hoarder : a collector of selcouth tchotchke. #artwiculate

@marcosarroyos channeled his ancient occidental sage

RT @marcosarroyos Conficius say: One man’s selcouth is another man’s wife.

And in a reference to the Great Family Nightmare – excuse me – Dream @dsceiorg gave us another collective noun

RT @dsceiorg Collective nouns: An exasperation of parents; A clatter of children; A selcouth of silence #artwiculate

But the strange and mysterious nature of the WOTD was also an influence on our tweets today – even setting aside multiple references to that nameless horse (including one from me). Here’s @JonPowles with a strange portent

RT @JonPowles Levitycus 3:21 “And there were at that time selcouth signs and strange portents: floods and locusts and Englishmen who could bat”

And after @JonPowles’s biblical quote, @rowemag shared a snip from what might very well have been the Morte d’Arthur

RT @rowemag @helacious: “‘A selcouth novelty,’ muttered the knight, ‘to advance to storm such a castle without pennon or banner displayed.'”

@lagadu123 reached back to Greek mythology … with a French touch

RT @lagadu123 It’s no wonder Cassandra / who was compelled to tell truth / earned herself the nickname / of Mademoiselcouth

And @helacious revealed an arcane and esoteric musical instrument

RT @helacious That “secret chord” you keep hearing about? It can only be played on the selcouth.
[And in the event, this was the one that took home the crown.]

I’m not sure if @mazpowles is referring to @helacious’s instrument in this next

RT @mazpowles I’m pretty sure I just saw a Selcouth. But no one’s going to believe me.

I suppose she could be talking about that animal, King of the Social Networks that @bripowles tweeted about

RT @bripowles Unlike his better known cousin, the Selcouth Tiger was not the king of the jungle. He did, however, have a lot more friends on Facebook.

@shakwrites told us of the terrible dental problems incurred by people speaking the WOTD

RT @shakwrites The last time he tried saying something selcouth/He’d ended up losing his wisdom tooth. #artwiculate

And I worry about what’s going on in the vegetable market @kings_indian frequents
[After I published the above, @kings_indian tweeted to assure me “I eat only the healthiest fruit and veg.Just ask my local McGrocer.” 🙂 ]

RT @kings_indian I only buy Selcouth potatoes; even after their expiry dates, you can use them….as tomatoes!

Perhaps that’s what @harrarp was talking about?

RT @harrarp Selcouth? I have it for breakfast!

@zladyjoker seemed a bit puzzled by all this

RT @zladyjoker Can you sell couth? I guess money can buy anything. #artwiculate (Selcouth)

While @TiddK had a medical observation

RT @TiddK common sense is not ~ and genius is close to madness ~ selcouth DNA . #haiku #artwiculate

To wind up, here are my two most favourite uses of the word today. First, from @BurningHawk1969

RT @BurningHawk1969 We are the pioneering youth, gone forth seeking splendor and selcouth; no cry calls us home from the stars; no light reaches us out this far

I loved that – it touches the SF corner in my soul and summons up my sense-o-wonder.

But my final retweet today has to be this riddle from @19ish

RT @19ish Forsooth, in my youth, I was thought to be selcouth; but alas, in old age, it is time to turn the page. Who am I?#artwiculate

I think I know the answer. Do you?
[The day after @19ish tweeted: “Yesterday’s riddle answer: Father Time. Did you guess it, or did I bamboozle you?” She bamboozled me. I thought it was “2010” or “The Old Year” 🙂 ]

Special greetings to the following people who all are new to the round-up:

@shivanishah who has been playing the game since August and @mashulya_prilly who started playing at the beginning of December

@Goleudy who’s been an irregular player for more than a year and @rowemag who doesn’t yet have an Artwiculate profile page.

And that concludes my business for this word and (most likely) for this year. Hoping to be back in January.

Happy New Year one and all! Passing back to @TheSupercargo
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