Seraglio – Artwiculate round up from 21 April 2010

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Seraglio: The harem where the wives and concubines of a Moslem lord are kept; the women of the harem collectively; the palace of the Turkish Sultan in Istanbul.

Greetings Artwiculati! Time again to visit @TheSupercargo’s Retweet seraglio. And what treaures there are in store! After yesterday’s camel-ride through the vitiating desert, the Word of Today was as welcome as an oasis, and the Artwiculati drank deep.

Not all of us (I mean ME) were aware of the correct pronunciation until…

RT @LorcanDesperado I just became aware that seraglio is pronounced SEH rahl yo ? I had been pronouncing it like a paroxytone with a hard ‘g’.

But now I know! I don’t think it spoiled my enjoyment of most of the tweets, but it did make it even easier to like

RT @harrarp Forget the Alamo. We’ll remember the Seraglio!

(Say it aloud!)

There were a lot of poems (I contributed one myself) but I will retweet just a few. I very much like this one:

RT @dmriver age smoothed golden steps ~ winding blue sky, distant wings ~ high seraglio

A seraglio, as Artwiculate informed us is “the palace of the Grand Seignior in Constantinople”, and one or two picked this up:

RT @yearning4d_sky Seraglio~where once~Palace intrigues flourished~glass bangles tinkled and maidens smiled~secluded now as a Museum sits
[And this, in the end, was the tweet that took home the crown.]

But most people ran with the more common perception of the seraglio either as the PLACE where the wives & concubines of the Sultan were kept or the same wives & concubines collectively.

RT @Anamuk I thought I’d rather go to work in a seraglio than the office. Then it dawned on me what that would require.

RT @mazpowles I once went for a job interview at a seraglio, but they said I was over-qualified.

RT @Eridanus The old seraglio was disappointingly empty, observed Bond – apart from the scimitar-wielding eunuch who was trying to kill him.

RT @DragonTC Stretches in her piles of cushions, rearranges her diaphanous gowns&says I’m enjoying my time in my #artwiculate seraglio.

RT @Slave_To_Coffee What a sweet, serendipitous situation to be surrounded by such a salaciously sublime seraglio, said the Sultan. #Artwiculate #alliteration

Mind you, @afsteed (Hello Aliya!) reminded us that perspective makes a difference to perception.

RT @afsteed Each re-visit a different seraglio: The poet, the historian and the pimp.

According to my dictionary, seraglio comes from the 16th Century Italian meaning “animal cage”, but who is caged?

RT @celticgladiator In the seraglio, who is the true slave? The women held captive? Or is it the sultan, bondservant to his own gluttony?

RT @JonPowles In the seraglio a pair of silken lips can master the bejewelled sceptre of state. Who is the ruler and who is the slave?

A pair of tweets that asked much the same question – from different directions. And here are two more:

RT @urbanascetic Seraglio ambition, whose walls, whose women ? #sixwords #artwiculate

RT @lagadu123 Ensconced in his seraglio , basking in glory – this is not the whole story. Behind his back, the women whisper: fail

Are we all happy about the Seraglio? We are not!

RT @kuiperrrr So many women, so many synchronised menstrual cycles. Seraglio- hell on earth. ;^P #artwiculate

RT @Gardencomet My flying pig is visiting each seraglio in turn with bolt cutters, lock picks and stun grenades for any women who want to get out

But the bleakest, and perhaps truest spin on the WOTD came from @aarthycrazy (Hello, Muthu!)

RT @aarthycrazy nobody s a virgin. Every body gets fucked – Just like life. Seraglio #artwiculate

However, as I frequently find myself pointing out, we Artwiculate can’t keep solomn faces for long.

Here are some adverts for the WOTD:

RT @BurningHawk1969 Seraglio Barbie comes with a chador, finger cymbals and a little tiny hash pipe… #artwiculate


RT @Tralala56 Seraglio: the new bar imprisoning large juicy sultanas in a luscious coating of a duo of white and dark chocolate.

Yummy! But then …

RT @Wifsie RIP: My Lady Seraglio – she choked on a Turkish delight. #artwiculate

And to balance death among the ladies …

RT @MinDavidWilson The Sultan’s heart stopped when he heard the sound of a television airing a broadcast of Oprah from the seraglio.

Now there’s trouble at the seraglio!

RT @joefawcett An etching of an intrigue in a harem: an intaglio of an imbroglio in a seraglio. #artwiculate

RT @DaveCurry Slap-happy seraglio? Harem Scarum. #artwiculate

RT @lexiconehead Scimitar Showdown at The OK Seraglio is a classic tale of gay blades, buxom babes and big balloony pants.

RT @kado56 D.I. Wai took in the mutilated guard’s corpse, the “Concubines Unite” card, the scrap of gauze.” Simple hookah? No, a seraglio killer”

And to wind things up, yet another tweet from our punster supreme @navinsasikumar

RT @navinsasikumar What do you do when a young boy walks into a seraglio? You take him out of harem’s way

Right – time to hitch my caravan to the old camel again and mosey on into the setting sun. Cheerio folks – passing you back to @TheSupercargo.

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