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Akismet, the e-mail filter I have running on the site, is really great at catching spam. When I choose to visit Comments from my WP dashboard, I get the option to review all the comments that Akismet has filtered out. Some of course are just adverts and chains of urls and I scrape those straight off.

Others, though will have a line or two of positive comment and an URL. I don’t have a lot of real people writing comments (yet), so I’ve taken to Googling exact phrases from the comments in the hope that they may actually be honestly positive. Few so far have turned out to be.

(Example: “I’m so glad I randomly found your blog. It rocks!” has 60+ hits on Google)

So these people are writing to me in the hope I’ll be flattered and let their spam through (with attached URL) to maybe suck in other visitors?

No, no! That’s not on.

I suppose I ought to bin them all, but I can’t bring myself to do that, so I’ve been editing the comments, removing the URLs (and in some cases, changing the name of the author) and letting them through. I’ve also been replying with what I fondly believe to be wry or slightly sarcastic comments. [And now – several years later – I’ve trawled through them and removed all I can certainly identify. I probably binned some genuine comments as well, but I tried to err on the side of caution, so I hope not too many.]

Will this result in more spam? I don’t know. [It did.]

Will it encourage real people to leave comments? Well, that would be nice. [It would’ve been nice, but I don’t think it did.]

Time will tell!

I changed the category on this piece (moved to Weblog Archive) and added a few asides 29 Dec 2016.

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