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Splendiferous: Beautiful, splendid (jocular)

Greetings, good Artwiculati! Here’s @TheSupercargo’s ever so slightly more splendiferous alter ego returning for a glittering new round-up.

I’ve been away too long, but the faucets of wit at Artwiculate have clearly been running at full force without me.

Today’s crop of tweets responding to the WOTD is no exception, and I found plenty to tickle my fancy (as the actress said to the bishop).

Setting aside @bookdreamer opinion …

RT @bookdreamer Splendiferous is a word used by drunkards or Americans and not by a true born Englishman who will say,if pressed, ‘It is fine.’ #artwiculate
[An opinion which nevertheless won him the crown!]

… I detect three trends among today’s tweets. The ones that delighted in the WOTD and tried to use it seriously, the ones that delighted in the WOTD and tried to use it comically, and the ones that spotted the almost ferrous nature of the last part.

For example, @micahpedia’s old-school usage:

RT @micahpedia The leather jacket studded with meteoric iron was absolutely splendiferous. And splendiferrous. #artwiculate

By ‘old-school’ I mean @micahpedia goes to the trouble of spelling out the difference. Here’s a tweet from @JohnnyMacOne by contrast.

RT @JohnnyMacOne #splendiferous – when you accidentally put iron filings in your coffee instead of sweetener #artwiculate

There were several tweets that referenced popular culture too. This next from @chemingineer, is one of those, but also a ferrous tweet.

RT @chemingineer All the iron in spinach failed to make Popeye a splendiferous personality. #artwiculate

Continuing in same vein, here’s @coinopratdchris and another Toon

RT @coinopratdchris What does Sylvester the Cat say when he’s in a good mood? “Splendiferous succotash!”

@bjornelvin is obviously inspired by Potter-fever, but note the clever reference to two very different characters played by Ms Bonham-Carter in two very different films.

RT @bjornelvin Splendiferous! said Hermione, and instantly, Bellatrix turned into the Queen of Hearts. #artwiculate

(And wasn’t she GOOD in that second role?)

One more popular literary/artistic reference, from @lagadu123 this time

RT @lagadu123 Roald Dahl + Quentin Blake = splendiferous

Now we leap back across the Atlantic (and back up to date) with a pop-cult tweet from @marcosarroyos

RT @marcosarroyos Splendiferous? Sounds like the name of a high school drop-out from New Jersey on a reality TV show.

I think this one from @FrankSiddarta may count as a pop-cult reference too … though I have it catagorised as a “twisted quote”.

RT @FrankSiddarta Hi. You don’t think my ass looks *too* splendiferous in this thong, do you?

As long as the thong isn’t twisted, I suppose. (And let’s hope it’s not a dip’thong. I still shudder at learning that one!)

In another quote-tweet, @BurningHawk1969 shared his philosophy with @lagadu123 (at least, I think that’s what he was doing.)

RT @BurningHawk1969 @lagadu123 live fast, die young and leave a splendiferous corpse. #artwiculat

It’s winter up here in the northern reaches of the northern hemisphere – which stimulated a few of the more serious tweets. For example, this from @minibtweet (which I noticed has been a particularly popular RT today)

RT @minibtweet Crisp winter days ~ uniquely designed snowflakes ~ sculpted icicles such a splendiferous time of year! #Artwiculate

And with a certain holiday coming up, @kings_indian had a nice rhyme play

RT @kings_indian When splendiferous met coniferous it snowed on dec 25th

But just as clearly our weather conditions up here are not shared all around the world. @NeelaVanam gave us a spring tweet

RT @NeelaVanam It rains its kisses on the earth, the first rain of spring. Splendiferous is the smell of earth. #artwiculate

Meanwhile @Ameeee, experimenting with the anagram potential of the WOTD, gave us something I feel suffused with Australian summer

RT @Ameeee Sin / Surf / Eloped / Splendiferous

We play with words and use our imaginations as much as our dictionaries, don’t we? Here’s @helacious reporting from a new era

RT @helacious The creatures of the Splendiferous Era had sequins in place of scales; the eggs they laid were nothing less than golden.

And @pn8r with a snip from the biography of a time traveller (maybe)

RT @pn8r He had memories of things yet to be. Splendiferous things. Troubling things. If only the straitjacket didn’t itch so much…

@19ish believes in giving a voice to the voiceless inanimate – though what they might say is …

RT @19ish Superciliously splendiferous: The diamond calling the cubic zirconium “merely coruscating!” #artwiculate

We often find ourselves reflecting on the game, of course – what highfalutin literary critics call metafiction. Today’s word brought us an amusing little exchange (I thought) between two of the great Clan Powles @bripowles & @JonPowles

RT @bripowles To be honest, I find this game pretty weird, but the absence of anything else more important to do is splendiferous.

RT @JonPowles To be honest, I find this game pretty splendiferous, but the absence of anything else more important to do is borderline psychotic.

The rhyming potential of today’s was a challenge, but one that several rose to. Here’s @alex_auron

RT @alex_auron High society decried her in a manner so vociferous. / Her impasse? She called a platypus / “splendiferous”. #haiku #artwiculate

And @Elixir_V gave us this rhyming mnemonic

RT @Elixir_V The 7 stages of drunkenness: marvellous, amorous, splendiferous, vociferous, dangerous, murderous, cadaverous #artwiculate

Though @beezknez was ready to champion the stimulation of alcohol (and other substances).

RT @beezknez Many a splendiferous thing happens ~ after I’ve had myself a couple of gins ~ a toke on the pipe ~ I see puffing dragons riding bikes

Well now, we are drawing towards a close and thought to end , not on a downbeat, but perhaps on a less flippant note.

To get there, first here’s another in @dsceiorg’s collection of collectives

RT @dsceiorg Collective nouns: A catastrophe of crises; A desperation of cries for volunteers; A splendiferous of heroes #artwiculate

@AaronLivingston had a thought to share about relativity

RT @AaronLivingston To the frog who was raised in a puddle, Even a ditch is splendiferous. #artwiculate

And let’s finish with two poems. First from @TiddK

RT @TiddK Yesterday, the sun rose. Then I met you. Today, a splendiferous pearlescent glow dances along the horizon, and I’m alive!

And finally a bit of French from @silverne (I’m not going to make a habit of this but I liked what Google Translator made of @silverne’s poem)

RT @silverne même des fleures divines ne seraient pas splendiferous comme toi. Quand tu es dans mes bras, je suis ravi comme un roi. #artwiculate
[Google’s translation: even divine flowers are not as splendiferous [as] you. When you’re in my arms, I’m happy as a king. # Artwiculate]

That’s the end (or “Fin”)! It just remains to greet especially @bjornelvin & @NeelaVanam who are, I think, new to the round-up.

And Greetings also to @bripowles who is a newcomer to the game as well.

Handing you back to @TheSupercargo now. With splendiferous feliciations!

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit http://artwiculate.com for more information. The winning tweet and the most popular runners up for today’s word are listed at http://www.artwiculate.com/words/splendiferous (And, for addicts, don’t forget Salon ArtWois at http://www.salonartwois.com/ )

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