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Stupefied: Past tense of stupefy. [And with the best will in the world I cannot find that this word has ever meant anything – in English – other than “make stupid or senseless”. It would be nice if it had the same etymological arc as amaze, but it doesn’t.]

I cut this one far too fine and ended up with no time or enthusiasm to embed my chosen re-tweets in introductory blather. Which some readers may have appreciated, who knows? But I have the opportunity to sound off a little here and now.

After the previous day’s round-up (Bedizen) I was having a chat with @mediasres, a new player, about Artwiculate. He wrote:
what is interesting is the process of how the word inhabits you after a few run throughs. You understand it much better
The word begins to tell you what it is capable of. Where it does and does not fit. It is remarkable how demanding they R
They turn in my head all the time, non-stop, like a rubik’s cube and hand put on autopilot.

I thought that last was an excellent image and I found myself very much in tune with the way @mediasres was reacting to the game. At the same time, there was something nagging at the back of my mind. The Word of the Day for 7th December reminded me …

There are words that come and just lie there, dead on the ground. Stupified was one such. I couldn’t do anything with it. But then another great thing about Artwiculate is that, even if YOU can’t find inspiration in a particular word, OTHERS can. And some of the things they come up with can knock your socks off!

For example …

RT @Ameeee Stupefied, like an old dear seeing red lights.

RT @ariandalen Look into the ~ Dragon’s eye ~ Be stupefied by his ~ Ancient wisdom ~ Taken aback by his ~ Loneliness. #artwiculate #poetry

RT @bripowles Stymied, Stigmatised & Stupefied. They were big on the three S’s at my school.

RT @brucedenby Stupefied Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

RT @bumfuzzled2004 I’m stupefied that she cried / I thought she wouldn’t care / all I did while she slept / was steal a lock of hair #artwiculate #poem

RT @BurningHawk1969 I’m stupefied at how good it feels just to interdigitate with you on the thoroughfare. #LQW #artwiculate

RT @Doc_Harding I always thought stupefied had something to do with those little round Buddhist temples… Oooommm, guess I was wrong. How stupa-ed of me.

RT @dsceiorg Stupefied alla Romana: Bread and Circuses

RT @harrarp Stupefied to learn // that tea leaves // and never returns. #biopoetry

RT @helacious This word has left me so completely stupefied that it’s possible to knock me over with a plumule.

RT @hondaisy Waiting here. Stupefied by time. The clock ticks.

RT @JonPowles Hermione Granger has thousands of teenage boys stupefied. And without a single touch of the wand.
[Apparently some players had to be told who Hermione Granger is. So the whole world has not yet been completely stupified by Harry Potter. :-)]

RT @Lagadu123 Despair. Words fail me / Lost in stupefied silence / Who’ll lick my wounds now?

RT @llana The adept politician stupefied listeners at will, to the envy of would-be wizards everywhere. #artwiculate

RT @makerbreaker There was a young girl from Derry/she simply loves 2get merry/dressed and beautified/vodka then stupefied/her head is away with the fairys

RT @mazpowles I’ve been through the desert on a horse named Stupefied. Didn’t get far.

RT @MediasRes The Cereal Killer stupefied the police when he moved onto the eggs and toast.

RT @Nature__Lover stupefied – the feeling you get after an episode of Eastenders. #artwiculate

RT @rafat4d Alone, abandoned, stupefied~the same table, the same coffee, the same cafe~where we parted ways. #artwiculate

RT @runheidi “I’m stupefied,” said Marie. “What’s wrong with eating cake?””Perhaps, my dear,” said Louis, “you should have said, eat steak!” #artwiculate

RT @sevenofdays When HMS Stupefied was struck suddenly by cannon, she was left a quivering wreck. Captain’s last words: “Shiver my timbers!” #artwiculate

RT @tama001 stupefied / after lunch, / …ennui . #artwiculate

RT @TiddK Stupefied : Word Of The Daze . #artwiculate

RT @Ysabeluna ST. Unned : Patron Saint of the stupefied and stupid guys #artwiculate

There were things I wanted to say … but too tired. Greetings to @hondaisy @makerbreaker @llana New to the round-up but not the the game!

This is @TheSupercargo’s doppelganger signing off. Good night all!

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit for more information. The winning tweet and the most popular runners up for today’s word are listed at (And, for addicts, don’t forget Salon ArtWois at )

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