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Subterfuge: Stratagem or deception employed to conceal something, a blind; deception; misrepresentation of the true nature of an activity.
Ladies and Gentlemen! Your attention, please! With no further ado, no subterfuge, and no safety net, *drum roll starts* @TheSupercargo’s alter ego will now attempt our first RT round-up of 2011. Complete Silence Please! *drum roll crescendo culminating in tympanic explosion*

Was that sufficiently dramatic? Ah, let’s get on with it!

Today’s word (and indeed Artwiculate’s choice of words for the first 3 days of the year) attracted several comments. For example, @faelora

RT @faelora Is this what you want 2011 to be like, #Artwiculate? Vituperative subterfuge and an abundance of new unibrows from all that stress?

The meta game – the debate about how to win (and whether there’s a trick to) it also continues. Here’s @ruidh, then @osmarjardim

RT @ruidh If I can’t win by cleverness, it will have to be by subterfuge. #artwiculate

RT @osmarjardim Let me repeat: The RT I give to your entry is a subterfuge I use to have you RT mine.

The similarity of the WOTD to a piece of laboratory (and, I might add, laundry-room) equipment also attracted tweeters. EG @Colvinius

RT @Colvinius If that spinning machine that separates fluids from solids gets any lower, I shall call it a subterfuge. @artwiculate #artwiculate

@markreeves had the same idea, but looked at it a different way

RT @markreeves Subterfuge: n. The storage space below a centrifuge

And @JonPowles took it a step further still

RT @JonPowles A subterfuge is a device used by a spin doctor.

Those last couple of RTs were also definitions. This word seemed to inspire an unusual number of lexographical improvements. Here’s @SJHatzi

RT @SJHatzi Elegant Subterfuge: The Queen’s Gambit

And @CathieTranent

RT @CathieTranent Treason planned by a certain branch of the Queen’s Navy … subterfuge? @Artwiculate #Artwiculate

And @mazpowles

RT @mazpowles I thought a subterfuge was when the violas sabotage your premiere by coming in a bar late, in the wrong key.

The spelling similarity between (subter)FUGE and FUGUE caught other eyes as well (including mine) but @JonPowles’s piece of what I guess was PDQ Bach was the best musical contribution. However, I’ve excluded it from the round-up partly because I wanted to RT another of Jon’s, but mostly because this is a lexical not a musical game, dammit!
[I guessed wrong. The Bach fugue pastiche that @JonPowles posted was, he tells me, his own work – though inspired by PDQ Bach. I suggested “What shall we do with the drunken Johan” as a title. :-)]

Moving from definition to illustration, here’s @shivanishah

RT @shivanishah Subterfuge used to placate impatient patients ~ placebo!

@helacious made a point I remember puzzling over myself “On first looking into Homer’s Iliad”

RT @helacious The Trojan horse, unwieldy, huge/Seems a terribly unlikely subterfuge.

(And even more unlikely in Monty Python’s interpretation on the quest for the Holy Grail)

The history teacher in me was also drawn to this next thematic tweet from @I2Haiku

RT @I2Haiku Our Little Miss Subterfuge Doll comes dressed as Mata Hari. #Artwiculate

While @LorcanDesperado managed to press three other of my buttons: fantasy, @loqwatious and science fiction

RT @LorcanDesperado Nobody else knew the cotillion was a subterfuge for alien abduction. Now they are all awa’ wi’ the faeries. #lqw

There were some enjoyable puns today too. From @Qyntara

RT @Qyntara My dog resorted to subterfuge when she pretended to be a subwoofer.

And this piece of hagiography from @TiddK

RT @TiddK St.Ratagem, patron saint of subterfuge (“Let us prey…”) . #artwiculate

@harrarp took us back to thinking about the new year

RT @harrarp “Cut the subterfuge”, the new year said, “I’m three days old. How am I doing?” “So far, so good”, I mumbled.

And @lagadu123 shared another of her observations of teenagers

RT @lagadu123 Ever noticed how teenagers employ subterfuge by masquerading as babies for a while?

Have to say from my own observations it’s not just teenagers that employ this subterfuge. Grown men and women do it to. Tho’ more often men.

Rather to my surprise that leaves me with three poems to conclude with. Let’s take the funny one first – from @Ysabeluna

RT @Ysabeluna ~i’d rather cherish openly mon chère ~with poetic truth ~than be subtle & ruse ~or confuse ~with prosaic subterfuge~ #artwiculate #gogyohka
And this won Del the crown!

Now @19ish with a fine descriptive haiku

RT @19ish Quiet gray whispers / secrets & subterfuge reign / hiding in the fog // #haiku #artwiculate

And finally back to children with this from @ariandalen

RT @ariandalen Face changes swiftly ~ No subterfuge in child’s eyes ~ Two year old wants, NOW! #artwiculate #senryu

Thank you! Thank you! That was the first RT round-up of 2011. Hope you enjoyed it.

Special greetings to new-comers to the round-up @Colvinius and @Qyntara who seem to have been playing since early in December. And greetings also to @CathieTranent who doesn’t yet have herself an Artwiculate profile page.
[She does now.]

That’s it, good people. Handing you back to @TheSupercargo now.

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