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I was in leisurely process of assembling some new summer banner pictures to use in the page headers for this site when my friend and fellow WordPress Wrangler Kristina S (aka Chefstomaten at beat me to the draw. Her blog now has a fine new set of banners (I particularly like the jelly-fish.) [That was then. Things look a bit different there now. 😉 ]

Spurred on by Kristina’s enterprise, I got my finger out and with this entry I present my own set. The banners are set to rotate randomly everytime you refresh the page so you may not see them all for a while, but here they are in miniature for your delictation and delight.

Dolls in a window

I came across this set of dolls in the window of a basement secondhand shop in Söderköping.

A boy's eyes

The son of a friend of a friend. He was drinking through a straw and watching me very seriously as I took the picture.

Graffitti whale with ice cream

This whale advertises the Natural History Museum in Gothenburg and is usually a dull rust-red. A graffitti artist has given the whale a summer holiday – complete with a cone of ice cream.

Stepping stones

Stepping-stones – in the Botanical Gardens. I took this picture at the beginning of June. [And now have removed it from circulation – see comments.]

Fern frond shadows

The shadows of fern fronds cast by a strong summer sun.

White lilac flowers and buds

More of a late spring picture, this one, but I like the lilac flowers and the little fists of the lilac buds.

Almost abstract water reflections

This almost abstract picture is water reflections on the side of a boat, tricked about a little in photoshop. I took this picture last summer when I was visiting Waxholmen in the Stockholm archipelago.

The setting sun at midsummer

This is the setting sun on (Swedish) Midsummer’s Day.

Brick and whitewash pattern

And finally … a snip of the brick and whitewash facade of St Laurentii Church in Söderköping.

Which one do you like best? 🙂

I visited this page to update it for SEO and give it a featured image 10th March 2017. I also realise the conversation in the comments is a but incoherent because I have removed a couple of the spam comments I’d previously let through and responded to. (Read: made fun of.) It seemed hilarious at the time, but really it just attracted more of the same. I don’t do that any more.

14 thoughts on “Summer banners”

  1. Glad I could be of service in getting you to update your pictures 🙂

    The funny thing is, the unexpected pictures works best as banners I find.

    I like the eyes of the kid. Looks great as a banner. The stepping stones are nice but a bit bland compared to the others. The other fav of mine is the picture from Söderköping.

  2. Thanks Kristina. Yes, I know what you mean about the stepping stones. I don’t think they’re bland so much as too typical of a kind of (pseudo-)inspirational poster art.

    The kid’s eyes were indeed unexpectedly good.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. My mother and I are looking to develop a weblog similar to this for our web site, I stumbled across your internet site trying to find ideas on the theme and design. I am taking some coding course in college and not certain that I would have the ability to produce a internet site such as this one at this time. Did you code this blog all by yourself or use an expert?

    • Hi Jani!

      Glad you like the blog. The blog (the whole site actually) uses WordPress and the Atahualpa theme. A knowledge of how to code (especially css coding) is a definite advantage, but you can achieve very satisfactory results even with quite limited knowledge. (As my site proves.)

      I would say it took me just a few days to have the site looking quite nice, though it’s still under development and I tweak it from time to time (as now with the new banners).

      Before turning to WordPress, I had a site for a year or so where I tried to write the code using Dreamweaver. It was OK, but I do recommend that you look seriously at WordPress.

      Good luck.

  4. Pseudo-inspirational poster art – hahaha. That was a perfect and very funny description. And very to the point I guess.

    I think that perhaps it is a question of the content and layout of your website. IF you had a website of “inspirational”-quotes and mindfullness blaha blaha, then the stepping stones would make a perfect match (it is a nice picture after all). But this beeing the supercargo website, the eyes and some of the other pictures is a better match.

  5. It looks really nice, but somewhat too advanced for my pathetic computer skills. I’ll stick to what I have and enjoy coming in to see your page instead 🙂

    • Truth to tell, it’s a bit too advanced for my pathetic computer skills too! Fortunately it does allow for considerable trial and error. What you see on my pages in terms of layout etc. is the result of an on-going electro-Darwinian evolutionary process.

  6. 😀
    John, that was a hilarious use of spam! I have a couple of people that “off topic” want to inform me that they can’t read my site on their iphone or blackberry or similar (they have missed the fact that they can’t read anything if they try for the euroenglish language). Perhaps I should send them over to you for treatment?

    • Oh Kristina, please don’t send me any more!!
      But glad you liked my reply to “Jonas”. His erased URL was on an .se domain so I thought I could show off my Swedish too.

      I do wipe FAR more spam comments than I let through and play around with, but some I really can’t be sure whether they’re fake or not. I give them the benefit of the doubt – especialy if they have something nice to say
      (Though I often strip the URL anyway.)

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