Taciturn (II)

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Taciturn: Habitually silent; reserved or uncommunicative; not inclined to conversation.

Good evening! Now @TheSupercargo will go all taciturn for a bit as I take over for the RT Round-up.

At the time of writing there are “about 3 hours left to tweet” & about 2 left to vote, if you’re in the UK.

It won’t have escaped the notice of any of the Artwiculati that we are twittering about a word that was WOTD less that a month ago.

RT @TinaNguyen Seeing his friend Taciturn, Brusque grunted, “artwiculate déjà vu.”

Such are the vagaries of this game we love so well.

RT @mazpowles I wish to loudly protest this shabby piece of word game mismanagement. I will go down screaming. Never taciturn the other cheek!

Some satisfied themselves with an observation along these lines

RT @lomnoir Repeated Artwiculate words of the day makes me taciturn.

Others had a shot at recyling:

RT @SJHatzi Taciturn silence / oft, louder than screaming / one thousand words #Haiku #ABTestingSameWOTDSameTweetNewHashtag

Myself, I felt I’d exhausted all I had to say with this word in April with my ArtwicuTale of The Two Taciturn Finns but I collected the tweets and posted them on my homepage.

Fortunately for this round-up, many Artwiculati had more & new things to say with the WOTD – even if there was a mist of sarcasm in the air:

RT @JonPowles Taciturn is the old black.

RT @harrarp Breaking news: Artwiculate recalls all former Taciturn tweets because of a faulty silencer.

RT @Squawkingalah @Tralala56 Today’s taciturn word of the day comes from the tight-lipped end of the thesaurus. #artwiculate

The ongoing election in Britain also attracted a number of comments, a genre which @Anamuk’s tweet ably represents.

RT @Anamuk in the taciturn silence of the voting booth I ponder the fatal X

The word itself, eschewed by some, was yet attractive to others – none more so, it seemed to me, than @mentalexotica

RT @mentalexotica Taciturn. Bedouin. Clavicle. Frankfurter. Palindrome. Frantic. Havoc. Medallion. Sarcophagus. Adequate. #wordsilove

(And as this seems to be only your second day artwiculating: Greetings, @mentalexotica!)

A quality of the serious hung about some rather good tweets today. I especially liked the following:

RT @noooworries Reserved and taciturn, the ninth grader hesitated to raise her hand, stifled by the unrelenting pressure to be “cool”. #artwiculate

(Another newbie, it seems. Welcome, you too @noooworries!)

RT @honeygloom Walking among gravestones with the taciturn dead, even my dogs are somber

RT @agezoko Gray empty. A taciturn villager and the traveler who waits for a rainbow. #artwiculate #senryu

RT @Wifsie He went on and on and on. It gave me the chills. So I put on my taciturn coat, zipped up and tight. #artwiculate

Love that one @Wifsie!

@prashanthm18 reminds us …

RT @prashanthm18 He who is silent is not always Taciturn! #artwiculate

Because while

RT @silversteelwolf The loquacious speak their mind. The taciturn mind their speech.

And @TiddK (recently seen fantasy skating with @JonPowels – look at the video in Salon Artwois!) made this contribution:

RT @TiddK my taciturn life ~ housebound with a computer ~ “Wide-eyed & Legless” . #haiku #artwiculate

The strong silent types seen here in April were noticeable by their absence today, but instead we had cats:

RT @lithiumzombie Why is the cat taciturn? He’s taken a meow of silence.
[And in the end, it was this tweet that carried the day!]

RT @celticgladiator The cat remained taciturn when questioned about the whereabouts of the canary and the goldfish, he just wore a devilish grin.

As usual, we had some twisted definitions. For example:

RT @bwlightning taciturn is really the shortened form of tacitourniquet, meaning, of course: “to stop the flow of words” #artwiculate

RT @navinsasikumar What do you call a taciturn coin? A reticent

I thought Ginette @Gardencomet was on particularly good form today. Hard to choose, but in the end I plumped for this:

RT @Gardencomet The snapdragon spoke angrily. The weeping willow sobbed. The pine sighed. The wallflower was taciturn

@Krafti_kit gave us a knitting tweet:

RT @Krafti_kit The taciturn knitter triumphantly turned the heel of the sock. ‘Nuff said. #artwiculate

@BurningHawk1969 Told us about his morning problems – or rather the problems his neighbours have with him!

RT @BurningHawk1969 Before coffee, I’m too lackadaisical to be taciturn, but I do a good aloof. the neighbors complaing about my barking. #artwiculate

@ajeanne got into a poker game:

RT @ajeanne I’ll see your taciturn nature and raise you one long-winded vow of silence.

@K_Geddings gave us a medical report (fortunately not of himself)

RT @K_Geddings Originally diagnosed as terminally taciturn, Ed has endured months of therapy & his condition has been upgraded to chronically laconic.

And finally another fine surreal tweet from @OpelDHell

RT @OpelDHell my surly skiff “Taciturn” drifted around the sound #artwiculate

And that, my friends, is where I choose to draw a line this evening. There’s an hour and a half or so left to vote in the UK, but “about 3 hours left” to vote on Artwiculate, so let’s get cracking! Who cares who’s in 10 Downing Street for the next X number years it’s much more fun to find out who’s carried off the Artwiculate crown!

Passing you back to @TheSupercargo now. Cheeri-bye!

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit http://artwiculate.com for more information. The winning tweet and the most popular runners up for today’s word are listed at http://www.artwiculate.com/words/taciturn (And, for addicts, don’t forget Salon ArtWois at http://www.salonartwois.com/ )

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