Adel, YWO and Elin’s Developments

After a slack period over the summer I’m trying to bring back some discipline to my life. And more particularly into my writing. Just at the moment I’m busy reorganising my Internet sites. It won’t be so very obvious just yet, but I hope the work behind the scenes will begin to show on the different sites during September.

Having bought myself a “smartphone” I realised how very unresponsive my Internet sites are to the requirements of modern technology. I use WordPress and so I’m looking for new WP themes that will improve my sites for all visitors.

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Elin’s Story: Review of reviews

Reviews of an Elin’s Story extract published on YouWriteOn. Interpretations of and take-homes from the comments – plus thoughts on some other reviews received

As promised in my previous entry, this is a brief analysis of the reviews the extract of Elin’s Story has received on

At the time of writing, Elin has received eleven reviews of which I have removed two. We’re allowed to remove one review for every five we receive.

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