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Tarradiddle: A trivial lie; nonsense, silly talk or writing, twaddle.

What is Artwiculate if not an extended exercise in tarradiddle? Anyway, here’s another tarraddile round-up!

I’m not the only one to note this today. @pn8r had some existential issues.

RT @pn8r Reflecting on my haiku and artwiculate tweets, are they no more than ephemeral tarradiddle? Am I just tweeting to the wind?

@Squawkingalah took the opportunity to reassure him, but maybe it was all just WOTD.

@graffitipoet got stuck right in to the spirit:

RT @graffitipoet What tarradiddle would you like me to exhibit today? Something extravagant, or perhaps something inventive? My pen is poised on your command

But @tinanguyen was sceptical:

RT @tinanguyen To me, tarradiddle is not a poetic word. But I know you can make some dirty rhymes with it. #artwiculate

Dirty rhymes? Sure we had them … and we had these:

RT @BurningHawk1969 I told a tarradiddle, the tiniest white lie / but it doesn’t seem so diddly now your viral count’s so high. #artwiculate

RT @hfeaga words that slip up / revealing your underwords / I can see your tarradiddle #artwiculate

RT @JonPowles A bit of tarradiddle underneath the hay / A bottle of scotch and … hey / who needs Omar Khayyam?

RT @Squawkingalah Tarradiddle diddle, the cat did some piddle, and boy did it stink up the room

RT @ZimmerJohn Let us dance to flute and fiddle and drink the sweetest wine. We’ll trade a kiss and tarradiddle beneath the soft moonshine.

On the other had we also had some poignant and wise uses of the word in poems too.

RT @Ysabeluna your tarradiddle ~ tangled lies prick like thistle ~ insincere, fickle ~ #haiku #poetry

RT @urbanascetic Tarradiddle the pebble preceding the avalanche #sixwords #poetry #artwiculate

And of course some tweets that were just examples of Wordjoy:

RT @tWordBird Will you tarradiddle down the middle of the strait? Or will you fiddle w/the griddle while I perambulate? #poem #artwiculate

(I don’t know if Wordjoy is a real word, but it seemed apporpriate!)

One definition of the WOTD is “a lie” and we had some of those:

RT @mwartwiculate I was inquiring about a room at the Hotel Tarradiddle but no one would give me a straight answer

RT @kado56 “..and just where, young lady, do you think you’re going at this time of night?” “”A prayer meeting in Tarradiddle Hall, Mum”

RT @beezknez Oh What a load of / Tarradiddle, size doesn’t / count and your not small / #artwiculate

RT @MaltaGoddess Top 10 Men’s Tarradiddle -s: #3: I read Playboy for the articles.

@MaltaGoddess did indeed give us 10 of the best. I chose this to represent the rest because I’ve actually heard it said, in all seriousness.

Then of course another sense of the word is gossip:

RT @Gardencomet I never repeat tarradiddle… so listen carefully

RT @Slave_To_Coffee Feline Tarradiddle-Did you hear about the Cow? She jumped over the moon!Followed by the scandal of the Dish & the Spoon

RT @DrMobs Add real dirt/ Tarradiddle #anagrampoetry

Another nice anagram from my favourite mad scientist. And on the subject of science (he said in a desperate attempt to link two tweets):

RT @willandbeyond The science won’t just do itself? Tarradiddle I say!

And so say we all! (And we all say “Hi!” to occasional Artwicuati @willandbeyond too.)

Some people got caught up in WOTD too – people with strangely familiar names. First, from the real world (if French politics qualifies):

RT @lagadu123 Barefaced tarradiddle s will soon be the only ones allowed in France, if Sarkozy has his way.

And then some artwiculation:

RT @ariandalen Sisters, Tarradiddle and Folderol sometimes dressed alike, to the point where many folks couldn’t tell them apart. #artwiculate

RT @mazpowles Tarradiddle is more attractive than her friend, Mythomania, but if you ask me you can’t trust either of them.

And perhaps this is the moment to introduce the original WOTD:

RT @LBY3 @Artwiculate The third Earl of Tarradiddle was an infamous liar and fornicator, giving rise to two different terms that bear his name.

And on his tombstone …

RT @TiddK “Here lies My Lord Tarradiddle – in death, as in life. RIP”

@DaveCurry had an interesting question.

RT @DaveCurry Triticale tarradiddle? Grain of untruth. #artwiculate

Triticale is a sort of grain produced by crossing wheat and rye. I didn’t know that. Had to look it up. My wordhoard grows!

@harrarp’s word-train is still rolling.

RT @harrarp The new caterer who had boarded the train in Perambulate offered baloney sandwiches at half price all the way to Tarradiddle.

And I was delighted to see that @lithiumzombie has taught his goldfish a new word.

RT @lithiumzombie ‘Is it true you have a goldfish that can say ‘blurb’ and ‘arse’?” / “Yes. And ‘tarradiddle’.”

There were a number of plays on Gone with the Wind (Tara and Fiddle-dee-dee), lets give the honours to @carolstett

RT @carolstett Tarradiddle d while Scarlett burned. #artwiculate

And welcome @carolstett to Artwiculate everyone, it’s only her second day of play!

Getting to the end now (there were a lot of fun tweets today) @InVinceWil had a nice artwiculate definition:

RT @InVinceWil A troglodyte’s tarradiddle is a caveman’s canard.

And finally, at the top of the list (or the bottom if you’re reading this in the blog version)

RT @HikiMadwoman Oh, it’s the final tarradiddle at the tiddly-winks nationals…the excitement never ends! #artwiculate

Artwiculate …the excitement never ends! That’s my tarradiddle round-up. Till next time, adieu!

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