The house that grew

House plantMolly swept her cred-id over the pad with a show of confidence. The realtor smiled, dropping the seed into her other hand.

‘A wise decision,’ he said.

She closed her hand over the seed and felt its small hardness.

* * *

Molly trekked three days into the wilderness and set up camp. At sunset, she planted the seed, watered it from the flask. An incantation? But nothing appropriate came to mind. She rolled herself in her sleeping-bag.

In the morning, a first green shoot! And in three days, just as promised, the house was there, rooted and grown. The frilled green door stood open in welcome.

Molly stepped inside. Home, she thought.

The door snapped shut.


© TheSupercargo

This text was written as my first contribution to the Friday Fictioneers flash fiction forum. The stimulus was a photograph of a Gaudi house in Barcelona.

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