Troglodyte – Artwiculate round up from 19 April 2010


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Troglodyte: A member of a supposed prehistoric race that lived in caves or holes, a caveman; (by extension) anything that lives underground.

Good evening. Here is my RT round-up for the WOTD troglodyte, and what a deep, dark word that turned out to be too!

Now, a troglodyte’s a cave dweller, a cave dweller’s a caveman, and a caveman’s someone who … well, there are various schools of thought.

RT @deborahlea00 @artwiculate I loathe blind dates I always end up with Troglodyte s

RT @Krafti_kit You have to kiss alot of troglodyte -s to get the homo sapien. #artwiculate

RT @kado56 When your world caves in, don’t despair. You might meet a really nice troglodyte.

RT @Gardencomet Primal passions roused/ he enters my hot damp cave/ my troglodyte love #maxku

We also had a number of tweets that asked us to consider how far removed we are from our Neanderthal/caveman forefathers.

RT @hfeaga passing the mirror / my troglodyte reflection / grunts disapproval #artwiculate #haiku #senryu

RT @marcosarroyos Troglodyte eyes enchanted by shadows cast on Plato’s cave wall now stare enthralled by shadows cast on cineplex walls.

RT @JonPowles We are the painted people – civilization two coats thick – a little heat, a scratch ~ find the barking troglodyte

That idea even infiltrated our beloved themes:

RT @TiddK “Holy Mole-y Batman – The Troglodyte!” “Come away from the mirror, Robin. You’ve clearly spent far too long in the BatCave”

The Batcave inspired several tweets today. For example:

RT @amanuel187 Troglodyte Goodfellows? Batman and Robin #artwiculate

RT @catmar604 Robin to Batman: “Well, look who crawled out of the Batcave to fight the Troglodyte!”

The Trog also appeared in other themes of which this was the one that made me smile most:

RT @soarski Troglodyte walks into a bar. Bartender says, “who left the cellar door unlocked?”

There were also some fine puns and plays with idioms:

RT @Wifsie RIP: My Lord Troglodyte – he finally caved in. #artwiculate

RT @michaelwardy What if I only eat root vegetables? Does that put me on a troglodiet? troglodyte #artwiculate

RT @navinsasikumar What do you call a troglodyte trickster? A concave

RT @lithiumzombie If the Pope were a troglodyte, he’d be a cave-olic.

RT @languagenhumor Troglodyte -s are so dumb they don’t know their home from a hole in the ground. Oh wait… #artwiculate

We can admire …

RT @baccatum The Troglodyte was spelunking before spelunking was cool. And way before it sounded perverted.

We can make fun …

RT @tWordBird Signs you might be dating a troglodyte: 1.) The petrichor of Eau de Damp-Cave smell precedes him.

We can cast aspersions …

RT @K_Geddings Fuzzy kittens would warm the cockles of any troglodyte or at least fill his belly.

We can conjure up an image …

RT @squawkingalah A vision in white, the troglodyte trotted down the aisle. Feet big, shoulders hairy – but not without some style.

And we can suggest things that probably do not bear closer investigation …

RT @silverne I’m a troglodyte who desires to die in the navel of a heavily dressed french novice.

Finally, we can use the word in ways that have nothing to do with the supposed social graces or personal hygiene of cavedwellers.

RT @StarOfSavannah Thick black, swirling mass/ Tornado on the horizon/ Scurry into storm cellar/ Troglodyte for an hour

And I’m going to break my rule and in this context tweet one more by @lithiumzombie

RT @lithiumzombie underwater caves / bubbles emerging in waves / troglodyte goldfish #haiku #artwiculate

But that, I think, is where I want to leave things for the day.

Thank you for reading, and thanks to everyone quoted, without whom there would be less joy in the world and fun in the game. I salute you!

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