Upgrading TheSupercargo.com (Part 2)

The original blog entry under this heading, Upgrading TheSupercargo.com, has just slipped out of the top eight list on my front page. At the same time we have moved into a new month. It seems time to start a new entry with further developments.

As before, I’ll update this with new information as I go along.


A couple of friends have commented on the absence of “Weblog” (the catagory under which I’m writing this) in the Catagory list up there in the banner. The reason is I really don’t want this home page to be about the work of creating a homepage. If past history is anything to go the Weblog catagory will go quietly to sleep again once I’m more or less happy with the way the site looks.

Till then, though, here’s a further timetable of events:

  • 1st Mar – Apart from writing this I’ve also uploaded a file of GIF icons of the letters of the alphabet. I’m going to use these as decorative drop capitals in short blog entries – principally under the Articulations catagory and especially for entries that have no other illustrations. I tried out some plug-ins which offered to create drop capitals but wasn’t satisfied with them. This way I have full control over how the letters are presented. Later: updated the links between static pages in the right-hand column.
  • 2nd Mar – Learned a lot about Search Engine Optimisation and eventually installed All In One SEO Pack as a plug-in. It seems to be working: TheSupercargo has become Text, Images and Speech by TheSupercargo. Good!
  • 4th Mar – Spent the day a) recording the first of a new podcast series to be called Norðings; b) installing the podPress plug-in for WordPress – lots of tinkering with the player settings.
  • 5th Mar – Installed (reinstalled) Google’s Feedsmith Feedburner plug-in and am now in a screaming fury. Feedburner won’t let me burn a seperate feed for my podcast. I cannot see how to make this work and all the “help” I can find on the net just sends me in circles. In other news, turns out WordPress doesn’t like “Norðings”. Must decide between calling it Northings or Nordings – plump for Nordings.
  • 6th Mar – Published my first Nordings Podcast and (finally) managed to get an RSS feed URL to give to Apple’s iTunes store. No thanks at all to Google’s Feedburner.

Most recently updated on 6th March 2011.

Revisited and edited slightly for SEO plus added the “upgrading” featured image, 17 March 2017.

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