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On their front page, WordPress state Code is Poetry. I can accept that “poetry” is a subjective concept, but if the code WordPress profs write is poetry, sadly the code I write is not.


After what seems like an eternity in limbo, but is really only about a month, my homepage has now moved from the cheap and cheerful web hotel One.com to the 10 times more expensive but (supposedly) so much better Binero.com. Both of them are Scandinavian – One is based in Denmark, Binero is in Stockholm.

From One to another (Binero)

About 3 weeks into the move I was quite ready to give up on Binero and go back to One. So many problems! But by then Binero had long taken my money for a year’s subscription, and I had little hope of getting it back again without a major struggle. Besides the original reason for moving remained: One doesn’t allow their servers to be used to store large downloadable files such as voice recordings. You have to choose your battles, and the struggle to get the site working seemed preferable to a struggle for a refund.

I really don’t want to spend time and energy writing about the move, but … This blog entry gives me a place to record developments and relieve my feelings with the occasional virtually scream of frustration. Rather than write several entries, I’ll just update this from time to time.

Here’s a timetable of events:

  • 17th Jan – I posted a message “Road Closed – Under Construction” on my front page. Initiated the move … I thought. (Binero say this usually takes between one and two weeks. Ha!)
  • 12th Feb – My site at One remains on-line, and people visiting me there cannot be aware of any developments. Behind the scenes though … Every Internet site has a ‘backend’ and a ‘frontend’; the frontend is the part that’s visible to visitors, the backend the part where you the owner work to make the frontend look good. I now have two of each, but I can’t change the backend at One, so the frontend at One is static. As long as my frontend is at One, I can (theoretically) tinker with my backend at Binero making the site ready for launch, but because Binero are pointing visitors to TheSupercargo site on One, getting into the back end at Binero is diffcult. I keep getting timed-out. Did you follow that?! 🙂
  • 13th Feb – Maddeningly, moving the database has reset to gobbledygook all the apostrophes and all the non-standard ASCII characters I’ve used. Suspect I’ll have to put that right manually.
  • 18th Feb – I was finally able to update the front page after the move had taken place.
  • 19th Feb – Catagories for texts henceforth will be The Quill (for writing about writing) Articulations (for creative writing of all sorts) Reviews and Round-up (for the Artwiculate game). Updated the About and added the Text static pages.
  • 20th Feb – uploaded and activated the following plugins: YARPP, Widgets on pages, Subscribe to comments, Broken link checker,  Nice quote, Lightbox plus, My catagory order, Catagory to tag converter, Contact form 7 … and probably one or two others I’ve forgotten.
  • 22nd Feb – Today I have added a two new catagories for my images: Momento (which will be the photoblog); and Optico (which will be the common place for all images. (I’ve also added Illustro for illustrations, but there’s nothing to show there yet.) Have also added a Copyright page, updated the Contact page and (at the very end of the day) added text to the top of each of the important catagory pages.
  • 23rd Feb – After sleeping on it, decided that “Optico” was just one pretension too far, so now it’s called Gallery. Installed plug-ins: Easy Twitter Links which converts all Twitter at-usernames into links to the appropriate Twitter profile (where they still exist); Tweetbacks, which supposedly adds tweets which refer to a blog entry to the blog entry’s comments. Excerpt Editor which should help me to write exerpts for my posts and pages. Added a new social bookmarker to the foot of all posts and pages (see below).
  • 24th Feb – Problem with Nice Quote Options – of itself it’s added the site’s footer text to the set of rotating quotes. Why?! Overwhelmed with spam for Prora, Rügen: Kraft durch Freude blog entry from March 2009. Don’t know why Akismet isn’t blocking that (it should trash all spam on posts over 1 month old). Perhaps I’m “re-opening” posts when I edit them to correct the gobbledygook? Have added new plug-in, One Click Close Comments, and closed comments on the offending entry. If the re-editing process is the reason for Akisment not junking spam automatically, I might need it more in the future. Mind you, Prora, Rügen: Kraft durch Freude is my hands down most visited page. Can it be all those nazi keywords! 🙂
  • 25th Feb – Problem with Nice Quotes Rotator solved – my own fault. Added Images Static page.
  • 27th Feb – Working backwards with Excerpt Editor. Completed December 2010 (27 entries). Also trying to put right the spelling, quotes and accents that were messed around in the database move. Correcting the same entries as I am writing excerpts for, so now I’m back to November last year. This will take a long time. Beyond this: installed and activated Google XML Sitemaps, installed WordPress Database Backup and backed up the database. Finally, I have added the Speech static page and updated the Front page.

Most recently updated: 27th February

4 thoughts on “Upgrading TheSupercargo.com”

  1. So sorry about your struggle. I feel a bit responsible since I recommended Binero to you. I hope that the truggle will be soon forgotten and that everything will work well from now on!

    • Fear not, dear Chefstomaten. I blame no one but myself. (And Binero and One of course!)

      In the meantime there’s no water in the house and won’t be for the next 24 hours at least (they say), so Real World Problems put Virtual ones in perspective. 🙂

      • Oups, no water – that is real bad!

        I was out of electricity last week (my own doing) and that was rather inconveniant as well. It turned up again after an hour, before any real crisis but 24 hours without water – that is no pick-nick in the park.

      • We were water-less for most of the day, but no more, thank goodness. Ice burst the pipe feeding this block and our nearest neighbour. As ever, we could have had a worse situation – the neighbour’s cellar filled up with water to a depth of a metre or more. All fixed now. 🙂

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