Usurp – Artwiculate round up from 27 April 2010

Usurp featured

(Tweeting as @TSupercargo)

Usurp: To sieze, take over or appropriate something (land, throne, power etc) without authority.

It’s not been obvious, but @TheSupercargo’s been working hard in the background for an hour. Now it’s time to usurp him! Muhaha

Today’s WOTD caused a lot of people to thing of eating food and drink. The basic idea was along these lines:

RT @fiberqat Usurp your soup you risk stains on your shirt. @artwiculate

(And here we have a new player, by the way. Welcome, Duffy @fiberqat!)

Some of the more imaginative put slurping together with syrup along these lines:

RT @PeggyKnaack After you seized my pancakes, do you really expect me to pass usurp? #artwiculate

But the most elaborate and extended tweet based on these premises that I found came from @brightmatrix

RT @brightmatrix As the media butters up its rulers, the rebels print short stacks on how the regime waffles & plan how to usurp them. #artwiculate

Combining the slurping, the syrup and the usurping, IMHO that one deserves reading and re-reading!

Concentrating on the more conventional sense of usurp – but still in the world of the pun:

RT @baccatum We bold few decided to usurp power from the dictator on Sunday. A day of wrest…
[On this occasion there was a tie at the top of greasy pole. This tweet won Scott a shared crown with … (See below!)]

RT @tgunnars Willie is a schizophrenic at the state hospital for the insane. He usurp ed the psychiatrist, and no one knew the difference

@tgunnars has been playing with us for couple of months, I think, and usually has a knife into his ex-mother-in-law.

Other themes, of course are the early bird and our Max’s predilictions …

RT @tWordBird BREAKING NEWS: The early bird did NOT get the worm, today! The nightingale usurp-ed her, & got the worm first!

RT @MaxRaunchiness The brunette tried to usurp the blonde who tried to usurp the redhead. Ladies, ladies! No need for loneliness at the top!

That Max certainly has something. Most of his RTs come from the ladies. (Go look if you don’t believe me!)

Changing the subject. I’m tempted to say “from the ridiculous to the sublime” – oh, I just did … 🙂

There was crop of poetry today that I cannot overlook. Let’s start off with @TinaNguyen’s poet king …

RT @TinaNguyen riding in the dark / one poet king / battles to usurp all others #micropoetry #artwiculate

RT @lithiumzombie gluttonous black holes / sucking up the universe / usurp everything #haiku #artwiculate

RT @Krafti_kit Clouds usurp sunshine. The rain falls. #artwiculate #sixwords

RT @urbanascetic Usurp expectation, defy convention, take control #sixwords #poetry #artwiculate

RT @SJHatzi May greatness, honor, generosity and goodness usurp all.
[And this was the other tweet that tied for the crown. (See above!)]

I don’t think the sentiment in @urbanascetic’s six words contradicts that in @SJHatzi’s tweet. I think they complement one another.

And here is a found sequence – three stages of love, perhaps?

RT @mazpowles Paralysed by wonder, shyly awaiting each accidental touch. Nothing can usurp the tormented glory of first love.

RT @Gardencomet My dark lover eclipses the moonlight white of my body. He doesn’t usurp, he just claims me as his own

RT @RelevantHaiku I’m afraid we’re through. ~ You have allowed your career ~ to usurp our love. #stevo #haiku #artwiculate

And one of @DrMobs anagram poems also seems appropriate here.

RT @DrMobs Ah, your purity must/ usurp my authority. /Your maturity push/it. Marry you? Shut up! #anagrampoetry

@Squawkingalah’s tweet next, because this helps me step more gently from pathos to bathos.

RT @Squawkingalah Usurp my heart, three-person’d God, for you as yet but click, tweet, mouse-over, and seek to friend.

(Not sure I used “bathos” quite right there – but I’m sure someone will correct me if not.)

RT @K_Geddings My wife never met a TV remote she couldn’t usurp.

RT @lomnoir An open Question to women: how long does it take for useless items to usurp space in your purses?

RT @Slave_To_Coffee Nothing can usurp beautiful words like a migrane – except perhaps stubbing your toe. #artwiculate

Three quickies next. They made me smile (but I’ve got a funny sense of humour, I know).

RT @DaveCurry Usurp a banana boat? Seize the day-o. #artwiculate

RT @EccleStoned Carpe diem : usurp 24×7

RT @osmarjardim US Undergraduate Research Program = USURP

I actually went and looked that one up – it seemed almost like it could be true!

I must comment in passing on @osmarjardim’s eccentric and (judging by some of the comments I’ve seen) not entirely popular attempt to ILLUSTRATE the word by DOING. I thought he was clever, MT-U(surping) so many tweets. And he did RT them all first.

I notice he didn’t pinched either of my tweets of the day. Should I feel relieved or snubbed? 😛

As I have been Shakespearing today, I feel I should also acknowledge the following tweet:

RT @JonPowles My favourite bastard was Edmund, and while he, too, had ambitions to usurp, he was far less of a bastard than his half-sisters

(For anyone unsure – it’s King Lear!)

And finally I can’t resist retweeting this by @Silesyeah. (What a great monicker!)

RT @Silesyeah We’re not trying to usurp the title of World’s Best Place. All we’re saying is: Silesia is pretty cool.

So there you have it. Silesia is pretty cool – and @TSupercargo too! (Have to blow my own trumpet – who else will? Apart from @TinaNguyen)

That was an in-joke. Time to resign my usurped place and hand back to … @TheSupercargo. Till next time!

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