Vaccimulgence – Artwiculate round up from 1 April 2010

featured VaccimulgenceThis was a really difficult word. Several tweeters expressed their distress, none more succinctly than @SJHatzi:

RT @SJHatzi Vaccimulgence? Hard to milk this one.

Another of the wittier cries of despair came from @Wifsie:

RT @Wifsie I’d rather watch the trains go by than use this silly vaccimulgence word! (vache qui regarde passer les trains, in French) #artwiculate

The fact that the WOTD coincided with April Fool’s Day was also noted in more than one tweet – though I’m only going to share one example here:

RT @Tralala56 Holy vaccimulgence Batman, the Joker is planning to drown Gotham City in milk. I got it, Robin, it’s April Fool’s, pull the udder one!

On the other hand (as ever) some people were delighted and rose to the challenge:

RT @DaveCurry Vaccimulgence? Udderly delightful!

And, possibly responding to @SJHatzi,

RT @californiakara Vaccimulgence? Well I’m going to milk that word for all it’s worth!

Here are a few more puns and plays on idiom

RT @DrJillZ @artwiculate How do you do vaccimulgence? Show me the whey.

RT @tWordBird Vaccimulgence? This sucks. I’m udderly depleted. Let me nipple on it a while. Perhaps I’ll think of something to teat.

RT @BurningHawk1969 Do not lacrimate over accidentally decanted vaccimulgence. #artwiculate

RT @bwlightning You can tweet vaccimulgence ’til the cows come home, but me, I’m going to get a cookie. #artwiculate

RT @navinsasikumar Vaccimulgence : Word of the dairy

I didn’t find many poems to fancy with this word, but I do want to share two – I think I can call them free verse poems:

RT @dmriver After school innocent jersey eyes, far paddock makes no sense. Liking your small boy green grass walk, yarded for morning vaccimulgence.

RT @kado56 Morning head on soft heaving flank, rustle, thud of straw shod hoof, grind of cud, singing jet, fingers milk warm, sticky vaccimulgence.

Two pieces with feeling and sentiment. But before we all get misty eyed :

RT @Anamuk Trying to write an edward jenner clerihew, but vaccimulgence just won’t do

I applaud the attempt @Anamuk! I also enjoyed this next:

RT @baccatum Vaccimulgence: Draining Miss Daisy.

Faced with a WOTD that leaves me going “Wha’?” I sometimes turn to anagrams, not, I fear with nearly same success as @DrMobs today:

RT @DrMobs Vaccimulgence ailing? Evangelic calcium gin! #anagrampoetry

I was wondering what dire incident of death would occur involving this word in Texas, and @marcosarroyos did not disappoint:

RT @marcosarroyos While Wilbur walked to the barn for vaccimulgence, he heard a whoosh sound. A meteorite struck him in the head killing him on the spot.

Inevitably, I suppose, there were a whole crop of tweets involving male sexual stimulation (human and animal). This was far and away the best:

RT @StarOfSavannah In a drunken stupor, Bucolic Buck the Alcoholic attempted vaccimulgence… on a bull. He was promptly gored to death.

Now I’m going to RT just one tweet from @MinDavidWilson but I want to applaude his efforts to create a story in tweets woven around todays word. A braver man than I!

RT @MinDavidWilson “Hey Squirt, just called to tell you that you’ve been hired as our new director of vaccimulgence.” #artwiculate

To wind up, three tweets I can’t catagorise but that I enjoyed even so:

RT @JonPowles Jack found being staff photographer on “Cow and Vaccimulgence Monthly” tiresome. But he got the odd money shot.

RT @routermonkey Bob tried to build on the success of his U-Pick Berry Farm with a U-Squeeze Vaccimulgence Farm, but it never caught on.

RT @soarski In the autobovinography Diary Of A Mad Cow there was too much vaccimulgence and too little bull in the chapter The Dairy Years. #artwiculate

There you have it, TheSupercargo’s RT roundup for the day. And remember, it’s a new month, so new opportunities to win a coveted place in the month’s top 5! Go for it, Artwiculati!

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit for more information. (And, for addicts, don’t forget the Salon Artwois at )

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