Virago – Artwiculate round up from 4 April 2010

ViragoGood evening. Here are the votes from the Swedish jury. Virago was an interesting WOTD – in part for the exchanges and MTs it provoked.

It’s also obvious that @JonPowles has an awful lot of time on his hands at the moment. Get well soon Jon!

Let’s kick off with some tweets about the duality of meaning this word holds.

RT @EccleStoned the word ‘virago’ serves two purposes; one, a noun and two, a warning.

RT @DrMobs Virago used to mean a woman of strength or spirit. Now it means an ill-tempered shrew. Where did we go wrong?
[This tweet attracted the most votes on and won @DrMobs the “brazen crown”.]

RT @TiddK “I’ll be your virago, love!” “What, you’ll nag me to death?” “No. I’ll be your battery, the quiet strength behind your glory”

Apparently, (@JonPowles @MaxRaunchiness) it’s also the name for a motorbike, which also stimulated a number of tweets I’m not going to quote.

RT @Lady_Hawke41 Maiden warrior / Virago and goddess / Strong Valhalla queen #haiku #artwiculate

There were a number of poems on the theme of strong women, @Lady_Hawke41 just RTd was a good example. Here are a few more that I liked:

RT @Awdures Silently she stands, awaiting the cry of war, poised, strong virago #senryu #artwiculate

RT @kiaaura I love my gentleness ~ Do I need to be virago ~ To prove my toughness? #artwiculate (virago) #haiku

RT @silverne Sleep well my beloved virago yes it is my turn /I keep watching you at your bedside/the sacred bow of Arjuna on my hand.

RT @snowandstars he named his ship virago – and brave she plied the main – set sail for an archipelago – where they could find freedom again @artwiculate #vi

Me, I’d have wrtten “She named her ship”, but then the tweet would’ve been one character too long. O the tyranny of Twitter.

And, (note the segue please) the WOTD also gave a fine crop of tongue twisters. I particularly liked:

RT @BurningHawk1969 The virile virago was venerated with vertiginous verve.

There’s another I liked too, but I can’t get Twitter to tell me who tweeted it. Kudos to the author – but no points from this:

Vera the virago was violently vexing, which is why we wanted the woman to go. #artwiculate

As you know, dear readers, I am a sucker for a good pun. Here are two favs from today’s crop:

RT @navinsasikumar RIP : My lady Virago. She drowned in the Amazon. Now she rests with the shrews.

RT @Squawkingalah Where did Vera go? Out for drinks with Miss Anthropy ( virago, get it? )

And I feel I have to RT a bit of wordplay by our hospital-bed-bound Artwiculator:

RT @JonPowles Virago is just a girl with an extra ‘A’ for ‘attitude’.

Among our beloved themes, the pee-ed upon electric fence made a double appearance:

RT @osmarjardim A virago just can’t pee on an electric fence like a guy can.

RT @harrarp MT @osmarjardim A virago just can’t pee on an electric fence like a guy can. [But she can pluck it like a Fender bass]

The guy who walked into a bar also got into a bit of fight with the WOTD today too. For example –

RT @marcosarroyos Guy walks into a bar, “I’ll have double Bloody Mary and a punch in the nose.” Bartender says, “Oh, you mean a Virago.”

And of course, Batnman and Robin:

RT @tWordBird Holy shredder, Batman – what happened to your cape?/Catwoman happened. That virago vixen! Guess I shouldn’t have called her ‘Kitten’ tho.

There were numerous tweets on the theme of strong women commanding weak men:

RT @baccatum Groom: “I do.” Virago: “Oh, you BET you do, MISTER!”

RT @Gardencomet I smiled gently when Max asked me back to his place but I was a virago once we got there if you know what I mean

And then there was this – I feel I’m only getting a part of the story …

RT @Awdures Well, @celticgladiator last night I was a virago, this morning I’m hungover!

Coming up to my 20 RT limit (it’s a soft limit, but it’s there for my sanity. And perhaps for yours!) Just a few left to go:

RT @Krafti_kit I am virago hear me roar. #artwiculate

I can’t resist one more from @harrarp

RT @harrarp Rossini’s “The Barbie of Seville”: ? ? ? Virago! Virago! Virago! ? ? ?
[The original had musical notes instead of queries.]

But my favourite for the day comes from the outback of NSW:

RT @dmriver Without the strength, love and endurance of our virago mothers we would be less than we are.

A sentiment I share and applaud. And that’s me done for the evening good people. Good night. That concludes the voting of the Swedish jury.

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