Vitiate – Artwiculate round up from 20 April 2010

(Tweeting as @TSupercargo)

Vitiate: to make faulty or imperfect; to debase, pervert or morally corrupt; to destroy the legal effect of e.g. a contract.

Time for @TheSupercargo’s vitiated alter ego to make his daily RT Round-up.

It seems to me today’s WOTD was recieved with muted enthusiasm. True, the number of pages ran to 15 or so, but still. I know it wasn’t a word that had me jumping for joy. But there’s always someone with a spring in their step!

RT @ZachTMartin What can I vitiate today?

(And welcome to @ZachTMartin by the way. One of our newer Artwiculati. You have the right attitude!)

I don’t know whether it’s my understanding of the word or that many people were trying too hard to twist it to mean something it really doesn’t. I ended up liking rather less than 60 tweets. My short list ran to 25, but after pruning only to 17. Some Artwiculati were really very successful with the word but as I’m trying not to retweet two by the same author, I find myself a bit short.

One problem @californiakara may have put her finger on:

RT @californiakara It only takes one bad tweet to vitiate the bunch.

While @Wifsie may have been referring to the WOTD’s effect in this:

RT @Wifsie Who stifled my muse? / Who dared vitiate her song? / Lyre’s gone silent. #artwiculate #haiku

(Though my impression is that @Wifsie was one of the Artwiculati who actually enjoyed this word.)
[She says not – but this was still a good tweet.]

For my taste, the best use of the word in a theme was the following from the Master of the Bond Tweets:

RT @Eridanus “We live in hard times, Bond: we must return this car after your mission. Please don’t vitiate the warranty.” “You know me, Q.”

My favourite tongue twister was by a new player. Welcome @lawyergirl3!

RT @lawyergirl3 vile volcano . . . vitiate-d my vacation venture.

And my favourite pun turned out to be by a non-player (so it may be a spelling mistake, but I hope not).

RT @samwise24 @LorcanDesperado Would you like to read my curriculum vitiate?

For some reason I want to follow that with this:

RT @squawkingalah Crimes of the possessive apostrophe can vitiate otherwise-excellent work.

Some found the word stimulated their poetical and/or philosphical muses:

RT @osmarjardim Validate can mean exactly the opposite of vitiate. Shall we validate instead of vitiate?

RT @SJHatzi What if every thought, if every word is a living thing, a magic wand shaping reality? Why vitiate the what can be? Potentiate.

RT @asim7asim Clouds conspire ~ to shield the gutted earth ~ the wind plays pranks ~ to vitiate the plan ~ fans the flames #poetry #artwiculate

RT @Gardencomet Sever our contract/ vitiate the ties that bind/ for you killed my love #haiku

RT @lithiumzombie needle and a spoon / vitiate, alleviate / fly me to the moon #haiku #artwiculate

I have to say I have NO idea what that last one meant, but it appealed.

RT @Slave_To_Coffee Ahh cruel sunlight come to vitiate my dreams, and pull me unwanting into the world of sharp colours, sounds and light. #artwiculate

And there, @Slave_To_Coffee, is another newbie to welcome into the addiction!

And as we can’t stay too serious for too long …

RT @baccatum This time I am going to stick to my diet. NOTHING will vitiate my resolve. I’m going to workou- OOH, is that chocolate?

RT @JonPowles Some people say chilli will vitiate a dish. Codswallop. C’mon baby, light my fire!

RT @pn8r Only a corrupt referee could both officiate and vitiate a game at the same time!
[And this was the tweet that eventually won the crown for it’s author.]

(Nice alliteration @pn8r!)

The “to debase or morally corrupt” definition of the word also attracted attention, but I just couldn’t get enthusiastic about them.

This one of @EccleStoned made me grin though.

RT @EccleStoned Though Delilah was shocked to see how a haircut could vitiate Samson’s powers, she was happy that he did not yet need the blue pill.

And that will have to be my closing Re-tweet. Hoping for a better word tomorrow, I leave you now – till then!

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit for more information. (And, for addicts, don’t forget the Salon Artwois at )

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