Vulpine – Artwiculate round up from 28 April 2010

(Tweeting as @TSupercargo)

Vulpine: Of, relating to or resembling a fox; having characteristics often associated with foxes

I looked at the WOTD this morning and I thought: That’s a good word! And then I couldn’t think of a damn thing to do with it.

Eventually I tweeted something I thought would do, but my evening review of the Artwiculati’s collected works for today reveals I was just being rather conventional. I also realise there are a good many “foxy” idioms I didn’t know. The truth is:

RT @Tralala56 There is no craft as vulpine as the crafting of an Artwiculate tweet.

And if you’re not swift and foxy, then you’re not, and you might as well go back to bed because …

RT @goldenskye When vulpine swiftness trumps canine indolence the alphabet wins again.

Among other things, I’ve a copy of Neko Case’s 2nd album, even played it today; still didn’t make the connection:

RT @tinanguyen Vulpine Confessor Brings the Flood #kindaNekoCase #arwticulate

And I like Star Trek as much as the next man, but the Vulpine Vulcan option just never entered my head:

RT @BurningHawk1969 Vulpine mind meld: My vision becomes sharper, my hearing keener, and I feel furry. #artwiculate

(That was – in my opinion – the best of a clutch of nice plays on that theme.)

Other themed tweets:

RT @TiddK The vulpine bird confuses the worm (“What the fox THAT?”) . #artwiculate

RT @lithiumzombie “Vulpine? How can a goldfish be vulpine!” / “You should see him stalk a chicken.”

RT @kado56 “Very Latin and vulpine, Lord Crud’s new fiancée, eh Harbinger?” “Indeed Sir, a slightly.. ahem.. foxed edition, one might say.”

Another theme that attracted several good tweets:

RT @JonPowles RIP Lord Vulpine, finally outfoxed

RT @navinsasikumar RIP : My Lord Vulpine – It was a case of sour grapes

Let @navinsasikumar’s nod in the direction of Aesop also be mine, as we move swiftly on to Fox TV:

RT @mazpowles My kids are largely parented by FoxTel – is that the vulpine equivalent of being raised by wolves?

Yes, @mazpowles, I think it probably is!

And so on to some punning definitions:

RT @EccleStoned A vulpine error : faux pas

RT @smeedha a vulpine scamper: fox trot

RT @baccatum That can’t be vulpine, canid?

RT @MinDavidWilson Vulgar vermilion vulpine – Redd Foxx #artwiculate

RT @mwartwiculate Foxy woman in the snow: alpine, vulpine, feminine.#artwiculate

Foxy lady. My own attempt was along those line, but not as inventive as the last – or as the next.

RT @LBY3 @artwiculate If you call a foxy lady “vulpine,” she’s almost certainly going to take it as an insult.

Then there are foxgloves:

RT @harrarp Digitalis purpurea, keep your vulpine paws out of my foxglove compartment.

RT @K_Geddings Man, I heard of white pine, spruce pine, & even saw me a poke-u-pine but I ain’t never heard of no vulpine.

(I’m guessing, but I think you have to read that last in a Hillbilly accent.)

Here’s one I particularly liked for going a different superhero path. (Different from our usual Batman and Robin, I mean.)

RT @ecoflic For today’s WOTD, I imagine myself as Vixen, a female superhero, fighting crime with sly, vulpine wits & foxy moves. My kryptonite? Chicken!

And here is @prashanthm18 with a tweet that picks up a couple of previous WOTDs too:

RT @prashanthm18 With a clear and vulpine intent Lummox tried to usurp a Polymath. #artwiculate

RT @Ithili A russet flash in/ the hedge three more red cubs rest/ happy vulpine yawn #artwiculate

Foxes have been moving into urban environments for years, and there’s a slightly long-suffering tone about the next:

RT @Anamuk My front garden doubles as the local vulpine bordello.

Relatives of mine have had a similar experience. (Well, their garden doubled as a fox’s nursery, less noisy but lots of mess.)

Finally I want to wind up with a couple more poems. I think these two offer an attractive contrast:

RT @Gardencomet #haiku The pretty vixen/ the fox with his fine brush/ vulpine rendezvous

RT @hfeaga damp matted grasses / cold winds across killing fields / vulpine figures dance #haiku #artwiculate #senryu

And with that, and just “about 2 hours left”, I leave you. Handing back to the not very vulpine @TheSupercargo. Toodles!

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