…and welcome to The Supercargo’s Articulations

John TheSupercargoThis website is a step on the road to a re-configuring of my Internet presence. Over the coming year I plan to thin out the database of TheSupercargo main site. Some of the material already published there I’ll be moving over to this sub-domain, but I also intend to use Articulations to post newly written examples of poetry and short prose and items I find in my archives.

During May I intend to establish a number of pages here, including one which will be effectively a weblog chronicling the development of this site. To begin with, though I can say that the  site is powered by WordPress and uses the Runo theme by la_ri_za (aka Leena Lahti).

I’ve chosen Runo because it’s a clean, straightforward theme which also allows for simple control of fonts and – very important for poetry – spaces. I also love the look of the lined notepaper. I can say that the price for Runo Premium is modest and Leena has been very quick to respond to my queries and helpful in recommending things I can do to tweak her creation. 

At present the only plug-ins are Akismet (to trap spam) and Jetpack, but I expect that will change.

OK, that’s about all I want to say today. From tomorrow, Wednesday 1st May I aim to post one or two items each week, building up to a posting frequency of three to four items a week from June onward  We’ll see. 😉

I may publish the occasional photo, and there will be illustrative doodles, but the focus will be on the written word. I hope you enjoy my Articulations and come back often!



This piece dates from 30th April 2013. It commemorates my attempt to hive off my Articulations Catagory to a separate website. I’m now bringing Articulations back to the main site to give it SSL protection. 29 Dec 2016.

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