Wizen – Artwiculate round up from 16 April 2010

(Tweeting as @TSupercargo)

Wizen: to make or become shrivelled.

Good evening, Artwiculati! After yesterday’s night off (& on the tiles) @TheSupercargo’s wizened doppelganger is back to round-up some RTs.

Today’s word did not look promising …

RT @PeggyKnaack wizen– I think WISE, I see ZEN, but withered and wrinkled just doesn’t seem quite right, does it? #artwiculate

No, it doesn’t, Peggy. And @Anamuk shared a question which I’m sure he wasn’t the only person to have.

RT @Anamuk Can I pronounce or use wizen in a way that will make me appear wiser ?

But, as ever, it still inspired some Artwiculati and (to my surprise) I see I voted for over 80 of today’s tweets.

Like previous WOTD, this one is more common in everyday use as a past participle. (In so far as “common” is a fair word to use!)

Still, many people felt able to use it as an adjective and others bent over backwards to resucitate a highly wizend verb form.

Fortunately (for some) it also looks like Artwiculate was today smoothly picking up the wizen in wizened.

The “wiz” part of the word led minds to wander in wizardly directions. (Mine too!)

RT @californiakara A wizen wand does not a wizard make.

And @Tralala56 had an interesting lexicological suggestion:

RT @Tralala56 ‘Wizen’ sounds like a male counterpart of ‘coven’. why isn’t there a word for a group of wizards?

Meanwhile, our thematic tendencies were bent into service again:

RT @TiddK The late bird catches the wizen worm .. looks at it in disgust & stomps off to McDonalds for brunch

RT @Wifsie RIP: My Lord Wizen – still wet behind the ears he was hung out to dry. #artwiculate

And as we’re into the puns and idiom play already, here are a few more:

RT @bwlightning Wrinkled fabric is back, wizen is the new black, and no one gives a crepe. #artwiculate

RT @eilonwya10 Watching grandpa get out of bed, grandma remarked before reaching for her teeth: “He is wizen.” #artwiculate

RT @harrarp Dangling fresh on the vine. One day I’ll wizen and be raisin to the occasion.
[In the end, this was the tweet that captured the crown. ]

RT @mazpowles I’ve told the kids not to wizen the pool, but I’m pretty sure they do. (Is that just an Aussieism?)

I think it’s not, Marianne!

Here’s a nice tweet of a sort I’m going to call Artwiculate definitions henceforth:

RT @catmar604 Porphyrophobia wizen : shrinking violet

I also liked this next – also for getting in an earlier WOTD

RT @tWordBird “Wizen up!” Somehow that’s an obloquy which sounds much more complementary than “Shrivel up & die!”

Some more serious use of the word now:

RT @ariandalen Neither time, nor illness, nor adversity shall wizen my soul. I stand with head and heart held infinitely full. #artwiculate

RT @K_Geddings Be mindful of the old man’s tongue. Age will wizen the rose but it still has it’s thorns.

RT @MaryJenkins “Oh, how can,how can you ask me again/It only brings me sorrow/The same thing I want from you today/I would want again tomorrow” Wizen Dylan

RT @InVinceWil the dozen roses / wizen, like our love with no / scent, just a token. #haiku #artwiculate

RT @tama001 Wizen newsreel footage / Unsuspecting people fall prey to war / They smoldering still in the tent. #artwiculate

RT @JoeKnaack the arduous journey made him wizen as an old gnarled tree and stronger from the rocks he bouldered upon the path called life #artwiculate

That last one made the short list in large part because of the verb use of “bouldered”. Nice!

But we can’t let the WOTD keep us on an elevated plane for long. Here are two verses that both raised a smile:

RT @kado56 You should have heard her talk. The words were fairly whizzing: In walked the taciturn man, “For God’s sake, woman, wizen!”

RT @DragonTC Wizen Warble:Do your boobs hang low?Do they wobble to & fro?Can you tie them in a knot?Can you tie them in a bow? #artwiculate

Also in rhyme, Coin-operated Chris said farewell thus:

RT @coinopratdchris My thoughts being to wizen as my brain starts to melt. I think it’s time I hit the hay and wrap myself in pelt. Good night.

Finally, more fun, but no rhyme:

RT @lippy73 Shrivel me timbers, matey, it’s Captain Wizen! #artwiculate

RT @Gardencomet “Will you love me when I’m wizen and grey?” “What do you mean “when” ?”

And my last RT was the very first tweeted. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would make the short list:

RT @smeedha The septuagenarian mechanic- Wizen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

And that’s that. Another day another round-up. But look! About 3 hours left. Vote vote vote at http://artwiculate.com

Artwiculate is a game played on Twitter. Visit http://artwiculate.com for more information. (And, for addicts, don’t forget the Salon Artwois at http://www.salonartwois.com/ )

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