All the books of 2016 – Part 2

All the rest of the books I read in 2016

This is the second half of my roughly chronological wander through the titles of the books I read in 2016 as I (for once) kept a New Year resolution. The resolution was to read at least 50 titles during the year. I more than managed to do this. Which is why there are so many titles I have to publish this in two parts. (Here’s Part 1 in case you missed it.)

As you’ll see, comparing the two parts, I picked up the pace rather in the second half of the year.

I’m repeating the resolution for 2017, but maybe I’ll try to write about the different books more often during the year. So this time next year I don’t find myself clubbing you over the head with a small library. 🙂


The Caltraps of Time
Abandoned Places
The Passion According to GH
The Islanders
Wild Justice

Books 2016 illo 3


The Rings of Saturn
The Messenger
Burmese Days
The Thin Man
Pappan och Havet
Humans of New York: Stories


The Shepherd’s Crown
To Hull and Back
A Field Guide to Getting Lost
The Outrun
A Storm of Swords/Steel and Snow
The House by the Lake
Men Explain Things to Me
Ah, But Your Land is Beautiful
Selected Poems
Books 2016 illo 4


The Man Who Wouldn’t Get Up and Other Stories
The Gustav Sonata
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Chamber of Azkaban, Fire and Phoenix


The Emigrants
A Storm of Swords/Blood and Gold
Rat Race
The Brontës in Brussels
The Scarpeta Factor
Fables in a Modern Key
The Girl with All the Gifts
Trollkarlens Hatt

Books 2016 illo 5


Love Falls
The Gap of Time
The Hill Bachelors
Structo 16
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Five go Gluten Free
Just Kids

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  1. Längtar efter att läsa när jag ser alla titlar! Din lista känns som en bra utgångspunkt för att botanisera på biblioteket. Lycka till med läsåret 2017!

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